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/* Copyright (c) 2012 The Chromium OS Authors. All rights reserved.
* Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
* found in the LICENSE file.
#ifndef CRAS_DSP_H_
#define CRAS_DSP_H_
#ifdef __cplusplus
extern "C" {
#include "cras_dsp_pipeline.h"
struct cras_dsp_context;
/* Starts the dsp subsystem. It starts a thread internally to load the
* plugins. This should be called before other functions.
* Args:
* filename - The ini file where the dsp plugin graph should be read from.
void cras_dsp_init(const char *filename);
/* Stops the dsp subsystem. */
void cras_dsp_stop();
/* Creates a dsp context. The context holds a pipeline and its
* parameters. To use the pipeline in the context, first use
* cras_dsp_load_pipeline() to load it and then use
* cras_dsp_get_pipeline() to lock it for access.
* Args:
* sample_rate - The sampling rate of the pipeline.
* purpose - The purpose of the pipeline, "playback" or "capture".
* Returns:
* A pointer to the dsp context.
struct cras_dsp_context *cras_dsp_context_new(int sample_rate,
const char *purpose);
/* Frees a dsp context. */
void cras_dsp_context_free(struct cras_dsp_context *ctx);
/* Sets a configuration variable in the context. */
void cras_dsp_set_variable(struct cras_dsp_context *ctx, const char *key,
const char *value);
/* Loads the pipeline to the context. This should be called again when
* new values of configuration variables may change the plugin
* graph. The actual loading happens in another thread to avoid
* blocking the audio thread. */
void cras_dsp_load_pipeline(struct cras_dsp_context *ctx);
/* Locks the pipeline in the context for access. Returns NULL if the
* pipeline is still being loaded or cannot be loaded. */
struct pipeline *cras_dsp_get_pipeline(struct cras_dsp_context *ctx);
/* Releases the pipeline in the context. This must be called in pair
* with cras_dsp_get_pipeline() once the client finishes using the
* pipeline. This should be called in the same thread as
* cras_dsp_get_pipeline() was called. */
void cras_dsp_put_pipeline(struct cras_dsp_context *ctx);
/* Re-reads the ini file and reloads all pipelines in the system. */
void cras_dsp_reload_ini();
/* Number of channels output. */
unsigned int cras_dsp_num_output_channels(const struct cras_dsp_context *ctx);
/* Number of channels input. */
unsigned int cras_dsp_num_input_channels(const struct cras_dsp_context *ctx);
/* Wait for the previous asynchronous requests to finish. The
* asynchronous requests include:
* cras_dsp_context_free()
* cras_dsp_set_variable()
* cras_dsp_load_pipeline()
* cras_dsp_reload_ini()
* cras_dsp_dump_info()
* This is mainly used for testing.
void cras_dsp_sync();
#ifdef __cplusplus
} /* extern "C" */
#endif /* CRAS_DSP_H_ */