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ARCH="$(uname -m)"
pushd "$(dirname "$0")" > /dev/null 2>&1
popd > /dev/null 2>&1
mkdir -p "${LIB_PATH}"
export THIRD_PARTY_ROOT="${BUILD_DIR}/third_party"
export PATH="${PATH}:${HOME}/bin"
mkdir -p "${THIRD_PARTY_ROOT}"
set -o errexit
set -x
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install -y \
autoconf \
automake \
curl \
gcc \
g++ \
git \
libcap-dev \
libdrm-dev \
libfdt-dev \
libegl1-mesa-dev \
libgl1-mesa-dev \
libgles1-mesa-dev \
libgles2-mesa-dev \
libssl1.0-dev \
libtool \
libusb-1.0-0-dev \
libwayland-dev \
make \
nasm \
ninja-build \
pkg-config \
protobuf-compiler \
python3 \
export RUST_VERSION=1.32.0 RUSTFLAGS='--cfg hermetic'
curl -LO ""
echo "0077ff9c19f722e2be202698c037413099e1188c0c233c12a2297bf18e9ff6e7 *rustup-init" | sha256sum -c -
chmod +x rustup-init
./rustup-init -y --no-modify-path --default-toolchain $RUST_VERSION
source $HOME/.cargo/env
rustup component add rustfmt-preview
rm rustup-init
# minijail does not exist in upstream linux distros.
git clone
cd minijail
make -j
mkdir -p "${HOME}/lib"
cp "${HOME}/lib/"
cp "${LIB_PATH}/"
# The gbm used by upstream linux distros is not compatible with crosvm, which must use Chrome OS's
# minigbm.
git clone \
-b upstream-master
cd minigbm
sed 's/-Wall/-Wno-maybe-uninitialized/g' -i Makefile
ln -s "${HOME}" "${HOME}/usr"
DESTDIR="${HOME}" make -j install
cp ${HOME}/lib/ "${LIB_PATH}/"
set -x
# New libepoxy has EGL_KHR_DEBUG entry points needed by crosvm.
git clone
cd libepoxy
git checkout 707f50e680ab4f1861b1e54ca6e2907aaca56c12
./ --prefix="${HOME}"
make -j install
cp "${HOME}"/lib/ "${LIB_PATH}"/
# Note: depends on libepoxy
git clone \
-b upstream-master
cd virglrenderer
./ --prefix=${HOME} PKG_CONFIG_PATH=${HOME}/lib/pkgconfig
make -j install
cp "${HOME}/lib/" "${LIB_PATH}"/
git clone \
-b upstream-master
# Install libtpm2 so that tpm2-sys/ does not try to build it in place in
# the read-only source directory.
#git clone \
# && cd tpm2 \
# && git checkout 15260c8cd98eb10b4976d2161cd5cb9bc0c3adac \
# && make -j24
# Install librendernodehost
#RUN git clone \
# && cd platform2 \
# && git checkout 226fc35730a430344a68c34d7fe7d613f758f417 \
# && cd rendernodehost \
# && gcc -c src.c -o src.o \
# && ar rcs librendernodehost.a src.o \
# && cp librendernodehost.a /lib
# Inform pkg-config where libraries we install are placed.
#COPY pkgconfig/* /usr/lib/pkgconfig
# Reduces image size and prevents accidentally using /scratch files
#RUN rm -r /scratch /usr/bin/meson
# The manual installation of shared objects requires an refresh.
#RUN ldconfig
# Pull down repositories that crosvm depends on to cros checkout-like locations.
mkdir -p "${BUILD_DIR}/platform"
cd "${BUILD_DIR}/platform"
git clone \
-b upstream-master
cd "${BUILD_DIR}/platform/crosvm"
RUSTFLAGS="-C link-arg=-Wl,-rpath,\$ORIGIN/../lib64/crosvm -C link-arg=-L${HOME}/lib" \
cargo build --features gpu
# Save the outputs
mkdir -p "${OUT_DIR}"
cp Cargo.lock "${OUT_DIR}"
mkdir -p "${OUT_DIR}/bin/"
cp target/debug/crosvm "${OUT_DIR}/bin/"
cargo --version --verbose > "${OUT_DIR}/cargo_version.txt"
rustup show > "${OUT_DIR}/rustup_show.txt"
dpkg-query -W > "${OUT_DIR}/builder-packages.txt"
cd "${HOME}"
for i in $(find . -name .git -type d -print); do
dir="$(dirname "$i")"
pushd "${dir}" > /dev/null 2>&1
echo "${dir}" \
"$(git remote get-url "$(git remote show)")" \
"$(git rev-parse HEAD)"
popd > /dev/null 2>&1
done > "${OUT_DIR}/BUILD_INFO"
echo Results in ${OUT_DIR}