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* Copyright 2018 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#define LOG_TAG "dumpstate"
#include "DumpstateDevice.h"
#include <android-base/properties.h>
#include <android-base/unique_fd.h>
#include <cutils/properties.h>
#include <hidl/HidlBinderSupport.h>
#include <hidl/HidlSupport.h>
#include <log/log.h>
#include <pthread.h>
#include <string.h>
#define _SVID_SOURCE
#include <dirent.h>
#include "DumpstateUtil.h"
#define DIAG_MDLOG_PERSIST_PROPERTY "persist.vendor.sys.modem.diag.mdlog"
#define DIAG_MDLOG_PROPERTY "vendor.sys.modem.diag.mdlog"
#define DIAG_MDLOG_STATUS_PROPERTY "vendor.sys.modem.diag.mdlog_on"
#define DIAG_MDLOG_NUMBER_BUGREPORT "persist.vendor.sys.modem.diag.mdlog_br_num"
#define UFS_BOOTDEVICE "ro.boot.bootdevice"
#define TCPDUMP_NUMBER_BUGREPORT "persist.vendor.tcpdump.log.br_num"
#define TCPDUMP_PERSIST_PROPERTY "persist.vendor.tcpdump.log.alwayson"
#define MODEM_EFS_DUMP_PROPERTY "vendor.sys.modem.diag.efsdump"
#define VENDOR_VERBOSE_LOGGING_ENABLED_PROPERTY "persist.vendor.verbose_logging_enabled"
using android::os::dumpstate::CommandOptions;
using android::os::dumpstate::DumpFileToFd;
using android::os::dumpstate::PropertiesHelper;
using android::os::dumpstate::RunCommandToFd;
namespace android {
namespace hardware {
namespace dumpstate {
namespace V1_1 {
namespace implementation {
#define DIAG_LOG_PREFIX "diag_log_"
#define TCPDUMP_LOG_PREFIX "tcpdump"
#define EXTENDED_LOG_PREFIX "extended_log_"
static void dumpLogs(int fd, std::string srcDir, std::string destDir,
int maxFileNum, const char *logPrefix) {
struct dirent **dirent_list = NULL;
int num_entries = scandir(srcDir.c_str(),
(int (*)(const struct dirent **, const struct dirent **)) alphasort);
if (!dirent_list) {
} else if (num_entries <= 0) {
int copiedFiles = 0;
for (int i = num_entries - 1; i >= 0; i--) {
ALOGD("Found %s\n", dirent_list[i]->d_name);
if (0 != strncmp(dirent_list[i]->d_name, logPrefix, strlen(logPrefix))) {
if ((copiedFiles >= maxFileNum) && (maxFileNum != -1)) {
ALOGD("Skipped %s\n", dirent_list[i]->d_name);
CommandOptions options = CommandOptions::WithTimeout(120).Build();
std::string srcLogFile = srcDir + "/" + dirent_list[i]->d_name;
std::string destLogFile = destDir + "/" + dirent_list[i]->d_name;
std::string copyCmd = "/vendor/bin/cp " + srcLogFile + " " + destLogFile;
ALOGD("Copying %s to %s\n", srcLogFile.c_str(), destLogFile.c_str());
RunCommandToFd(fd, "CP DIAG LOGS", { "/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", copyCmd.c_str() }, options);
while (num_entries--) {
static void *dumpModemThread(void *data)
long fdModem = (long)data;
ALOGD("dumpModemThread started\n");
std::string modemLogDir = android::base::GetProperty(MODEM_LOG_LOC_PROPERTY, "");
if (modemLogDir.empty()) {
ALOGD("No modem log place is set");
return NULL;
std::string filePrefix = android::base::GetProperty(MODEM_LOG_PREFIX_PROPERTY, "");
if (filePrefix.empty()) {
ALOGD("Modem log prefix is not set");
return NULL;
ALOGD("Waited modem for 1 second to flush logs");
const std::string modemLogCombined = modemLogDir + "/" + filePrefix + "all.tar";
const std::string modemLogAllDir = modemLogDir + "/modem_log";
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "MKDIR MODEM LOG", {"/vendor/bin/mkdir", "-p", modemLogAllDir.c_str()}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(2).Build());
const std::string diagLogDir = "/data/vendor/radio/diag_logs/logs";
const std::string diagPoweronLogPath = "/data/vendor/radio/diag_logs/logs/diag_poweron_log.qmdl";
bool diagLogEnabled = android::base::GetBoolProperty(DIAG_MDLOG_PERSIST_PROPERTY, false);
if (diagLogEnabled) {
bool diagLogStarted = android::base::GetBoolProperty( DIAG_MDLOG_STATUS_PROPERTY, false);
if (diagLogStarted) {
android::base::SetProperty(DIAG_MDLOG_PROPERTY, "false");
ALOGD("Stopping diag_mdlog...\n");
if (android::base::WaitForProperty(DIAG_MDLOG_STATUS_PROPERTY, "false", std::chrono::seconds(10))) {
ALOGD("diag_mdlog exited");
} else {
ALOGE("Waited mdlog timeout after 10 second");
} else {
ALOGD("diag_mdlog is not running");
dumpLogs(STDOUT_FILENO, diagLogDir, modemLogAllDir, android::base::GetIntProperty(DIAG_MDLOG_NUMBER_BUGREPORT, 100), DIAG_LOG_PREFIX);
if (diagLogStarted) {
ALOGD("Restarting diag_mdlog...");
android::base::SetProperty(DIAG_MDLOG_PROPERTY, "true");
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "CP MODEM POWERON LOG", {"/vendor/bin/cp", diagPoweronLogPath.c_str(), modemLogAllDir.c_str()}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(2).Build());
if (!PropertiesHelper::IsUserBuild()) {
char cmd[256] = { 0 };
android::base::SetProperty(MODEM_EFS_DUMP_PROPERTY, "true");
const std::string tcpdumpLogDir = "/data/vendor/tcpdump_logger/logs";
const std::string extendedLogDir = "/data/vendor/radio/extended_logs";
const std::vector <std::string> rilAndNetmgrLogs
bool tcpdumpEnabled = android::base::GetBoolProperty(TCPDUMP_PERSIST_PROPERTY, false);
if (tcpdumpEnabled) {
dumpLogs(STDOUT_FILENO, tcpdumpLogDir, modemLogAllDir, android::base::GetIntProperty(TCPDUMP_NUMBER_BUGREPORT, 5), TCPDUMP_LOG_PREFIX);
for (const auto& logFile : rilAndNetmgrLogs) {
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "CP MODEM LOG", {"/vendor/bin/cp", logFile.c_str(), modemLogAllDir.c_str()}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(2).Build());
//Dump IPA log
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd),
"cat /d/ipc_logging/ipa/log > %s/ipa_log",
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "Dump IPA log", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", cmd});
//Dump QRTR0 log for QMI service state
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd),
"cat /d/ipc_logging/qrtr_0/log > %s/qrtr_0_log",
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "Dump QRTR0 log", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", cmd});
dumpLogs(STDOUT_FILENO, extendedLogDir, modemLogAllDir, 100, EXTENDED_LOG_PREFIX);
android::base::SetProperty(MODEM_EFS_DUMP_PROPERTY, "false");
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "TAR LOG", {"/vendor/bin/tar", "cvf", modemLogCombined.c_str(), "-C", modemLogAllDir.c_str(), "."}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(20).Build());
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "CHG PERM", {"/vendor/bin/chmod", "a+w", modemLogCombined.c_str()}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(2).Build());
std::vector<uint8_t> buffer(65536);
android::base::unique_fd fdLog(TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(open(modemLogCombined.c_str(), O_RDONLY | O_CLOEXEC | O_NONBLOCK)));
if (fdLog >= 0) {
while (1) {
ssize_t bytes_read = TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(read(fdLog,, buffer.size()));
if (bytes_read == 0) {
} else if (bytes_read < 0) {
ALOGD("read(%s): %s\n", modemLogCombined.c_str(), strerror(errno));
ssize_t result = TEMP_FAILURE_RETRY(write(fdModem,, bytes_read));
if (result != bytes_read) {
ALOGD("Failed to write %ld bytes, actually written: %ld", bytes_read, result);
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "RM MODEM DIR", { "/vendor/bin/rm", "-r", modemLogAllDir.c_str()}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(2).Build());
RunCommandToFd(STDOUT_FILENO, "RM LOG", { "/vendor/bin/rm", modemLogCombined.c_str()}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(2).Build());
ALOGD("dumpModemThread finished\n");
return NULL;
static void DumpTouch(int fd) {
const char touch_spi_path[] = "/sys/class/spi_master/spi0/spi0.0";
char cmd[256];
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd), "%s/appid", touch_spi_path);
if (!access(cmd, R_OK)) {
// Touch firmware version
DumpFileToFd(fd, "STM touch firmware version", cmd);
// Touch controller status
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd), "%s/status", touch_spi_path);
DumpFileToFd(fd, "STM touch status", cmd);
// Mutual raw data
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd),
"echo 13 00 01 > %s/stm_fts_cmd && cat %s/stm_fts_cmd",
touch_spi_path, touch_spi_path);
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Mutual Raw", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", cmd});
// Mutual strength data
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd),
"echo 17 01 > %s/stm_fts_cmd && cat %s/stm_fts_cmd",
touch_spi_path, touch_spi_path);
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Mutual Strength", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", cmd});
// Self raw data
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd),
"echo 15 00 01> %s/stm_fts_cmd && cat %s/stm_fts_cmd",
touch_spi_path, touch_spi_path);
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Self Raw", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", cmd});
if (!access("/proc/fts/driver_test", R_OK)) {
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Mutual Raw Data",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 23 00 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Mutual Baseline Data",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 23 03 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Mutual Strength Data",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 23 02 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Self Raw Data",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 24 00 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Self Baseline Data",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 24 03 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Self Strength Data",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 24 02 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Mutual Compensation",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 32 10 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Self Compensation",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 33 12 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Golden MS Raw",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 34 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Packaging Plant - HW reset",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 01 FA 20 00 00 24 80 > /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Packaging Plant - Hibernate Memory",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 01 FA 20 00 00 68 08 > /proc/fts/driver_test"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Packaging Plant - Read 10 bytes from Address 0x00043F28",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"echo 02 FB 00 04 3F 28 00 0A 00 > /proc/fts/driver_test && "
"cat /proc/fts/driver_test"});
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd), "%s/stm_fts_cmd", touch_spi_path);
if (!access(cmd, R_OK)) {
// ITO raw data
snprintf(cmd, sizeof(cmd),
"echo 01 > %s/stm_fts_cmd && cat %s/stm_fts_cmd",
touch_spi_path, touch_spi_path);
RunCommandToFd(fd, "ITO Raw", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", cmd});
static void DumpDisplay(int fd) {
DumpFileToFd(fd, "PANEL VENDOR NAME", "/sys/class/panel_info/panel0/panel_vendor_name");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "PANEL SN", "/sys/class/panel_info/panel0/serial_number");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "PANEL EXTRA INFO", "/sys/class/panel_info/panel0/panel_extinfo");
static void DumpSensorLog(int fd) {
const std::string logPath = "/data/vendor/sensors/log/sensor_log.txt";
const std::string lastlogPath = "/data/vendor/sensors/log/sensor_lastlog.txt";
if (!access(logPath.c_str(), R_OK)) {
DumpFileToFd(fd, "sensor log", logPath);
if (!access(lastlogPath.c_str(), R_OK)) {
DumpFileToFd(fd, "sensor lastlog", lastlogPath);
static void DumpF2FS(int fd) {
DumpFileToFd(fd, "F2FS", "/sys/kernel/debug/f2fs/status");
RunCommandToFd(fd, "F2FS - fragmentation", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"for d in $(ls /proc/fs/f2fs/); do "
"echo $d: /dev/block/mapper/`ls -l /dev/block/mapper | grep $d | awk '{print $8,$9,$10}'`; "
"cat /proc/fs/f2fs/$d/segment_info; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "F2FS - fsck time (ms)", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "getprop"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "F2FS - checkpoint=disable time (ms)", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "getprop"});
static void DumpUFS(int fd) {
DumpFileToFd(fd, "UFS model", "/sys/block/sda/device/model");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "UFS rev", "/sys/block/sda/device/rev");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "UFS size", "/sys/block/sda/size");
std::string bootdev = android::base::GetProperty(UFS_BOOTDEVICE, "");
if (!bootdev.empty()) {
DumpFileToFd(fd, "UFS Slow IO Read", "/sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/slowio_read_cnt");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "UFS Slow IO Write", "/sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/slowio_write_cnt");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "UFS Slow IO Unmap", "/sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/slowio_unmap_cnt");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "UFS Slow IO Sync", "/sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/slowio_sync_cnt");
RunCommandToFd(fd, "UFS err_stats", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"path=\"/sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/err_stats\"; "
"for node in `ls $path/err_*`; do "
"printf \"%s:%d\\n\" $(basename $node) $(cat $node); done;"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "UFS io_stats", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"path=\"/sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/io_stats\"; "
"printf \"\\t\\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\" "
"ReadCnt ReadBytes WriteCnt WriteBytes RWCnt RWBytes; "
"str=$(cat $path/*_start); arr=($str); "
"printf \"Started: \\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\" "
"${arr[1]} ${arr[0]} ${arr[5]} ${arr[4]} ${arr[3]} ${arr[2]}; "
"str=$(cat $path/*_complete); arr=($str); "
"printf \"Completed: \\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\" "
"${arr[1]} ${arr[0]} ${arr[5]} ${arr[4]} ${arr[3]} ${arr[2]}; "
"str=$(cat $path/*_maxdiff); arr=($str); "
"printf \"MaxDiff: \\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\\n\" "
"${arr[1]} ${arr[0]} ${arr[5]} ${arr[4]} ${arr[3]} ${arr[2]}; "});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "UFS req_stats", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"path=\"/sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/req_stats\"; "
"printf \"\\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\" "
"All Write Read Read\\(urg\\) Write\\(urg\\) Flush Discard; "
"str=$(cat $path/*_min); arr=($str); "
"printf \"Min:\\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\" "
"${arr[0]} ${arr[3]} ${arr[6]} ${arr[4]} ${arr[5]} ${arr[2]} ${arr[1]}; "
"str=$(cat $path/*_max); arr=($str); "
"printf \"Max:\\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\" "
"${arr[0]} ${arr[3]} ${arr[6]} ${arr[4]} ${arr[5]} ${arr[2]} ${arr[1]}; "
"str=$(cat $path/*_avg); arr=($str); "
"printf \"Avg.:\\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\" "
"${arr[0]} ${arr[3]} ${arr[6]} ${arr[4]} ${arr[5]} ${arr[2]} ${arr[1]}; "
"str=$(cat $path/*_sum); arr=($str); "
"printf \"Count:\\t%-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s %-10s\\n\\n\" "
"${arr[0]} ${arr[3]} ${arr[6]} ${arr[4]} ${arr[5]} ${arr[2]} ${arr[1]};"});
std::string ufs_health = "for f in $(find /sys/devices/platform/soc/" + bootdev + "/health_descriptor -type f); do if [[ -r $f && -f $f ]]; then echo --- $f; cat $f; echo ''; fi; done";
RunCommandToFd(fd, "UFS health", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", ufs_health.c_str()});
// Methods from ::android::hardware::dumpstate::V1_0::IDumpstateDevice follow.
Return<void> DumpstateDevice::dumpstateBoard(const hidl_handle& handle) {
// Ignore return value, just return an empty status.
dumpstateBoard_1_1(handle, DumpstateMode::DEFAULT, 30 * 1000 /* timeoutMillis */);
return Void();
// Methods from ::android::hardware::dumpstate::V1_1::IDumpstateDevice follow.
Return<DumpstateStatus> DumpstateDevice::dumpstateBoard_1_1(const hidl_handle& handle,
const DumpstateMode mode,
const uint64_t timeoutMillis) {
// Unused arguments.
(void) timeoutMillis;
// Exit when dump is completed since this is a lazy HAL.
addPostCommandTask([]() {
if (handle == nullptr || handle->numFds < 1) {
ALOGE("no FDs\n");
return DumpstateStatus::ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT;
int fd = handle->data[0];
if (fd < 0) {
ALOGE("invalid FD: %d\n", handle->data[0]);
return DumpstateStatus::ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT;
bool isModeValid = false;
for (const auto dumpstateMode : hidl_enum_range<DumpstateMode>()) {
if (mode == dumpstateMode) {
isModeValid = true;
if (!isModeValid) {
ALOGE("Invalid mode: %d\n", mode);
return DumpstateStatus::ILLEGAL_ARGUMENT;
} else if (mode == DumpstateMode::WEAR) {
// We aren't a Wear device.
ALOGE("Unsupported mode: %d\n", mode);
return DumpstateStatus::UNSUPPORTED_MODE;
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Notify modem", {"/vendor/bin/modem_svc", "-s"}, CommandOptions::WithTimeout(1).Build());
pthread_t modemThreadHandle = 0;
if (getVerboseLoggingEnabled()) {
ALOGD("Verbose logging is enabled.\n");
if (handle->numFds < 2) {
ALOGE("no FD for modem\n");
} else {
int fdModem = handle->data[1];
if (pthread_create(&modemThreadHandle, NULL, dumpModemThread, (void *)((long)fdModem)) != 0) {
ALOGE("could not create thread for dumpModem\n");
RunCommandToFd(fd, "VENDOR PROPERTIES", {"/vendor/bin/getprop"});
DumpFileToFd(fd, "SoC serial number", "/sys/devices/soc0/serial_number");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "CPU present", "/sys/devices/system/cpu/present");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "CPU online", "/sys/devices/system/cpu/online");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "Bootloader Log", "/proc/bldrlog");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "INTERRUPTS", "/proc/interrupts");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "Sleep Stats", "/sys/power/system_sleep/stats");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "Power Management Stats", "/sys/power/rpmh_stats/master_stats");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "WLAN Power Stats", "/sys/kernel/wlan/power_stats");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "LL-Stats", "/d/wlan0/ll_stats");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "WLAN Connect Info", "/d/wlan0/connect_info");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "WLAN Offload Info", "/d/wlan0/offload_info");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "WLAN Roaming Stats", "/d/wlan0/roam_stats");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "ICNSS Stats", "/d/icnss/stats");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "SMD Log", "/d/ipc_logging/smd/log");
RunCommandToFd(fd, "ION HEAPS", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for d in $(ls -d /d/ion/*); do for f in $(ls $d); do echo --- $d/$f; cat $d/$f; done; done"});
DumpFileToFd(fd, "dmabuf info", "/d/dma_buf/bufinfo");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "dmabuf process info", "/d/dma_buf/dmaprocs");
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Temperatures", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for f in /sys/class/thermal/thermal* ; do type=`cat $f/type` ; temp=`cat $f/temp` ; echo \"$type: $temp\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Cooling Device Current State", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for f in /sys/class/thermal/cooling* ; do type=`cat $f/type` ; temp=`cat $f/cur_state` ; echo \"$type: $temp\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Cooling Device Time in State", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for f in /sys/class/thermal/cooling* ; do type=`cat $f/type` ; temp=`cat $f/stats/time_in_state_ms` ; echo \"$type:\n$temp\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Cooling Device Trans Table", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for f in /sys/class/thermal/cooling* ; do type=`cat $f/type` ; temp=`cat $f/stats/trans_table` ; echo \"$type:\n$temp\" ; done"});
fd, "LMH info",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"for f in /sys/bus/platform/drivers/msm_lmh_dcvs/*qcom,limits-dcvs@*/lmh_freq_limit; do "
"state=`cat $f` ; echo \"$f: $state\" ; done"});
fd, "CPU MAX FREQ info",
{"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c",
"for f in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpufreq/policy*/scaling_max_freq; do "
"max_freq=`cat $f` ; echo \"$f: $max_freq\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "CPU time-in-state", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for cpu in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*; do f=$cpu/cpufreq/stats/time_in_state; if [ ! -f $f ]; then continue; fi; echo $f:; cat $f; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "CPU cpuidle", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for cpu in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*; do for d in $cpu/cpuidle/state*; do if [ ! -d $d ]; then continue; fi; echo \"$d: `cat $d/name` `cat $d/desc` `cat $d/time` `cat $d/usage`\"; done; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Airbrush debug info", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for f in `ls /sys/devices/platform/soc/c84000.i2c/i2c-4/4-0066/@(*curr|temperature|vbat|total_power)`; do echo \"$f: `cat $f`\" ; done; file=/d/airbrush/airbrush_sm/chip_state; echo \"$file: `cat $file`\""});
DumpFileToFd(fd, "TCPM logs", "/d/usb/tcpm-usbpd0");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "TCPM logs", "/dev/logbuffer_tcpm");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "PD Engine", "/dev/logbuffer_usbpd");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "PPS", "/dev/logbuffer_pps");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "BMS", "/dev/logbuffer_ssoc");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "smblib", "/dev/logbuffer_smblib");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "TTF", "/dev/logbuffer_ttf");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "TTF details", "/sys/class/power_supply/battery/ttf_details");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "TTF stats", "/sys/class/power_supply/battery/ttf_stats");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "ipc-local-ports", "/d/msm_ipc_router/dump_local_ports");
RunCommandToFd(fd, "TRICKLE-DEFEND Config", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", " cd /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:google,battery/power_supply/battery/; echo \"bd_trickle_enable: `cat bd_trickle_enable`\"; echo \"bd_trickle_cnt: `cat bd_trickle_cnt`\"; echo \"bd_trickle_recharge_soc: `cat bd_trickle_recharge_soc`\"; echo \"bd_trickle_dry_run: `cat bd_trickle_dry_run`\"; echo \"bd_trickle_reset_sec: `cat bd_trickle_reset_sec`\""});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "DWELL-DEFEND Config", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", " cd /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:google,charger/; for f in `ls charge_s*` ; do echo \"$f: `cat $f`\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "TEMP-DEFEND Config", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", " cd /sys/devices/platform/soc/soc:google,charger/; for f in `ls bd_*` ; do echo \"$f: `cat $f`\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "USB Device Descriptors", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "cd /sys/bus/usb/devices/1-1 && cat product && cat bcdDevice; cat descriptors | od -t x1 -w16 -N96"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Power supply properties", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for f in `ls /sys/class/power_supply/*/uevent` ; do echo \"------ $f\\n`cat $f`\\n\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "PMIC Votables", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "cat /sys/kernel/debug/pmic-votable/*/status"});
if (!PropertiesHelper::IsUserBuild()) {
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Google Charger", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "cd /d/google_charger/; for f in `ls pps_*` ; do echo \"$f: `cat $f`\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Google Battery", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "cd /d/google_battery/; for f in `ls ssoc_*` ; do echo \"$f: `cat $f`\" ; done"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Battery EEPROM", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "xxd /sys/devices/platform/soc/98c000.i2c/i2c-1/1-0050/1-00500/nvmem"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "eSIM Status", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "od -t x1 /sys/firmware/devicetree/base/chosen/cdt/cdb2/esim"});
DumpFileToFd(fd, "Modem Stat", "/data/vendor/modem_stat/debug.txt");
DumpFileToFd(fd, "Pixel trace", "/d/tracing/instances/pixel-trace/trace");
// Slower dump put later in case stuck the rest of dump
// Timeout after 3s as TZ log missing EOF
RunCommandToFd(fd, "QSEE logs", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "/vendor/bin/timeout 3 cat /d/tzdbg/qsee_log"});
// Citadel info
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Citadel VERSION", {"/vendor/bin/hw/citadel_updater", "-lv"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Citadel STATS", {"/vendor/bin/hw/citadel_updater", "--stats"});
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Citadel BOARDID", {"/vendor/bin/hw/citadel_updater", "--board_id"});
// Dump various events in WiFi data path
DumpFileToFd(fd, "WLAN DP Trace", "/d/wlan/dpt_stats/dump_set_dpt_logs");
// Keep this at the end as very long on not for humans
DumpFileToFd(fd, "WLAN FW Log Symbol Table", "/vendor/firmware/Data.msc");
// Dump camera profiler log
RunCommandToFd(fd, "Camera Profiler Logs", {"/vendor/bin/sh", "-c", "for f in /data/vendor/camera/profiler/camx_*; do echo [$f]; cat \"$f\";done"});
// Dump fastrpc dma buffer size
DumpFileToFd(fd, "Fastrpc dma buffer", "/sys/kernel/fastrpc/total_dma_kb");
if (modemThreadHandle) {
pthread_join(modemThreadHandle, NULL);
return DumpstateStatus::OK;
Return<void> DumpstateDevice::setVerboseLoggingEnabled(const bool enable) {
android::base::SetProperty(VENDOR_VERBOSE_LOGGING_ENABLED_PROPERTY, enable ? "true" : "false");
return Void();
Return<bool> DumpstateDevice::getVerboseLoggingEnabled() {
return android::base::GetBoolProperty(VENDOR_VERBOSE_LOGGING_ENABLED_PROPERTY, false);
} // namespace implementation
} // namespace V1_1
} // namespace dumpstate
} // namespace hardware
} // namespace android