Update the bug_map for the denials from shell during PTS

These denials should be caused by running PTS.
They should not affect the user experience.
Use the bug_map to track them.

Bug: 175106535
Test: PtsSELinuxTestCases
Change-Id: Ica40aa5bc8c82231fd809d8ac64432e75b7b8695
diff --git a/vendor/google/bug_map b/vendor/google/bug_map
index f537a1c..d5e8737 100644
--- a/vendor/google/bug_map
+++ b/vendor/google/bug_map
@@ -14,6 +14,10 @@
 rild socket_device dir b/78460200
 rmt_storage sysfs_msm_subsys dir b/78460200
 sensors vendor_modem_diag_prop file b/78460200
+shell debugfs file b/175106535
+shell device_config_runtime_native_boot_prop file b/175106535
+shell sysfs file b/175106535
+shell sysfs_mmc dir b/175106535
 shell sysfs_wlc dir b/79757453
 ssr_setup vendor_ssr_prop file b/78460200
 system_app vendor_default_prop file b/78460200