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on fs
wait /dev/block/platform/soc/${ro.boot.bootdevice}
symlink /dev/block/platform/soc/${ro.boot.bootdevice} /dev/block/bootdevice
on init
setprop sys.usb.configfs 1
# Don't lose recovery logs- keep warm reset for coming out of recovery.
write /sys/module/msm_poweroff/parameters/warm_reset 1
# Enable thermal mitigation
write /sys/devices/virtual/thermal/tz-by-name/backup-charge/mode enabled
# Block layer tuning: discard chunk size up to 128MB
# Otherwise, contiguous discards can be merged
write /sys/block/sda/queue/discard_max_bytes 134217728
on early-init
# Wait to make sure we do not try to talk too early to the display
wait /sys/class/drm/card0