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on fs
mount_all /vendor/etc/fstab.ranchu
on early-init
mount debugfs debugfs /sys/kernel/debug mode=755
mount proc proc /proc remount hidepid=2,gid=3009
on init
# set RLIMIT_MEMLOCK to 8MB for BPF network statistics
setrlimit memlock 8388608 8388608
symlink /dev/goldfish_pipe /dev/android_pipe
symlink /dev/goldfish_pipe /dev/qemu_pipe
write /sys/block/zram0/comp_algorithm lz4
write /proc/sys/vm/page-cluster 0
on post-fs-data
setprop vold.post_fs_data_done 1
mkdir /data/vendor/var 0755 root root
mkdir /data/vendor/var/run 0755 root root
mkdir /data/vendor/var/run/netns 0755 root root
on zygote-start
# Create the directories used by the Wireless subsystem
mkdir /data/vendor/wifi 0771 wifi wifi
mkdir /data/vendor/wifi/wpa 0770 wifi wifi
mkdir /data/vendor/wifi/wpa/sockets 0770 wifi wifi
on boot
setprop ro.hardware.egl emulation
setprop debug.hwui.renderer opengl
setprop debug.hwui.renderer ${ro.kernel.qemu.uirenderer}
setprop ro.opengles.version ${ro.kernel.qemu.opengles.version}
setprop ro.zygote.disable_gl_preload 1
setprop dalvik.vm.heapsize 192m
setprop dalvik.vm.heapsize ${ro.kernel.qemu.dalvik.vm.heapsize}
chown root system /sys/power/wake_lock
chown root system /sys/power/wake_unlock
setprop goldfish
setprop wifi.interface wlan0
setprop p2p-dev-wlan0
start goldfish-logcat
# Create a dummy USB gadget to allow sysfs testing
mkdir /config/usb_gadget/g1 0770 root root
service ranchu-setup /vendor/bin/
class core
user root
group root
on property:vendor.qemu.timezone=*
setprop persist.sys.timezone ${vendor.qemu.timezone}
setprop debug.sf.nobootanimation 1
on property:dev.bootcomplete=1
setprop 1
service ranchu-net /vendor/bin/
class late_start
user root
group root wakelock wifi
service ipv6proxy /vendor/bin/execns router /vendor/bin/ipv6proxy -o eth0 -i wlan1,radio0-peer
user root
group root
service emu_hostapd /vendor/bin/execns router /vendor/bin/hostapd_nohidl /data/vendor/wifi/hostapd/hostapd.conf
user root
group root wifi net_raw net_admin
service dhcpserver /vendor/bin/execns router /vendor/bin/dhcpserver --exclude-interface eth0
user root
group root
service netmgr /vendor/bin/execns router /vendor/bin/netmgr --if-prefix wlan1_ --network
user root
group root wifi
service dhcpclient_rtr /vendor/bin/execns router /vendor/bin/dhcpclient -i eth0
user root
group root
service dhcpclient_def /vendor/bin/dhcpclient -i eth0
user root
group root
# The qemu-props program is used to set various system
# properties on boot. It must be run early during the boot
# process to avoid race conditions with other daemons that
# might read them (e.g. surface flinger), so define it in
# class 'core'
service qemu-props /vendor/bin/qemu-props
class core
user root
group root
# -Q is a special logcat option that forces the
# program to check wether it runs on the emulator
# if it does, it redirects its output to the device
# named by the androidboot.console kernel option
# if not, is simply exits immediately
# logd user added to prevent logcat from logging content.
# log group added to support access to read logs socket.
service goldfish-logcat /system/bin/logcat -Q
user logd
group log
service bugreport /system/bin/dumpstate -d -p -B -z \
-o /data/user_de/0/
class main
keycodes 114 115 116
service wpa_supplicant /vendor/bin/hw/wpa_supplicant -Dnl80211 -iwlan0 -c/vendor/etc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf -g@android:wpa_wlan0
socket wpa_wlan0 dgram 660 wifi wifi
group system wifi inet
# Enable zram only once per boot. From:
# We want one opportunity per boot to enable zram, so we
# use a trigger we fire from the above stanza. If
# persist.sys.zram_enabled becomes true after boot,
# we don't want to run swapon_all at that time.
on property:sys.boot_completed=1
trigger sys-boot-completed-set
on sys-boot-completed-set && property:persist.sys.zram_enabled=1
swapon_all /vendor/etc/fstab.${ro.hardware}