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* Copyright (C) 2012 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
* Contains declaration of a class EmulatedFakeCamera2 that encapsulates
* functionality of a fake camera that implements version 2 of the camera device
* interface.
#include "EmulatedCamera2.h"
#include "fake-pipeline2/Base.h"
#include "fake-pipeline2/Sensor.h"
#include "fake-pipeline2/JpegCompressor.h"
#include <utils/Condition.h>
#include <utils/KeyedVector.h>
#include <utils/String8.h>
#include <utils/String16.h>
namespace android {
/* Encapsulates functionality of an advanced fake camera. This camera contains
* a simple simulation of a scene, sensor, and image processing pipeline.
class EmulatedFakeCamera2 : public EmulatedCamera2 {
/* Constructs EmulatedFakeCamera instance. */
EmulatedFakeCamera2(int cameraId, bool facingBack, struct hw_module_t* module);
/* Destructs EmulatedFakeCamera instance. */
* EmulatedCamera2 virtual overrides.
/* Initializes EmulatedFakeCamera2 instance. */
status_t Initialize();
* Camera Module API and generic hardware device API implementation
virtual status_t connectCamera(hw_device_t** device);
virtual status_t plugCamera();
virtual status_t unplugCamera();
virtual camera_device_status_t getHotplugStatus();
virtual status_t closeCamera();
virtual status_t getCameraInfo(struct camera_info *info);
* EmulatedCamera2 abstract API implementation.
/** Request input queue */
virtual int requestQueueNotify();
/** Count of requests in flight */
virtual int getInProgressCount();
/** Cancel all captures in flight */
//virtual int flushCapturesInProgress();
/** Construct default request */
virtual int constructDefaultRequest(
int request_template,
camera_metadata_t **request);
virtual int allocateStream(
uint32_t width,
uint32_t height,
int format,
const camera2_stream_ops_t *stream_ops,
uint32_t *stream_id,
uint32_t *format_actual,
uint32_t *usage,
uint32_t *max_buffers);
virtual int registerStreamBuffers(
uint32_t stream_id,
int num_buffers,
buffer_handle_t *buffers);
virtual int releaseStream(uint32_t stream_id);
// virtual int allocateReprocessStream(
// uint32_t width,
// uint32_t height,
// uint32_t format,
// const camera2_stream_ops_t *stream_ops,
// uint32_t *stream_id,
// uint32_t *format_actual,
// uint32_t *usage,
// uint32_t *max_buffers);
virtual int allocateReprocessStreamFromStream(
uint32_t output_stream_id,
const camera2_stream_in_ops_t *stream_ops,
uint32_t *stream_id);
virtual int releaseReprocessStream(uint32_t stream_id);
virtual int triggerAction(uint32_t trigger_id,
int32_t ext1,
int32_t ext2);
/** Custom tag definitions */
virtual const char* getVendorSectionName(uint32_t tag);
virtual const char* getVendorTagName(uint32_t tag);
virtual int getVendorTagType(uint32_t tag);
/** Debug methods */
virtual int dump(int fd);
* Utility methods called by configure/readout threads and pipeline
// Get information about a given stream. Will lock mMutex
const Stream &getStreamInfo(uint32_t streamId);
const ReprocessStream &getReprocessStreamInfo(uint32_t streamId);
// Notifies rest of camera subsystem of serious error
void signalError();
* Utility methods
/** Construct static camera metadata, two-pass */
status_t constructStaticInfo(
camera_metadata_t **info,
bool sizeRequest) const;
/** Two-pass implementation of constructDefaultRequest */
status_t constructDefaultRequest(
int request_template,
camera_metadata_t **request,
bool sizeRequest) const;
/** Helper function for constructDefaultRequest */
static status_t addOrSize( camera_metadata_t *request,
bool sizeRequest,
size_t *entryCount,
size_t *dataCount,
uint32_t tag,
const void *entry_data,
size_t entry_count);
/** Determine if the stream id is listed in any currently-in-flight
* requests. Assumes mMutex is locked */
bool isStreamInUse(uint32_t streamId);
/** Determine if the reprocess stream id is listed in any
* currently-in-flight requests. Assumes mMutex is locked */
bool isReprocessStreamInUse(uint32_t streamId);
* Pipeline controller threads
class ConfigureThread: public Thread {
ConfigureThread(EmulatedFakeCamera2 *parent);
status_t waitUntilRunning();
status_t newRequestAvailable();
status_t readyToRun();
bool isStreamInUse(uint32_t id);
int getInProgressCount();
EmulatedFakeCamera2 *mParent;
static const nsecs_t kWaitPerLoop = 10000000L; // 10 ms
bool mRunning;
bool threadLoop();
bool setupCapture();
bool setupReprocess();
bool configureNextCapture();
bool configureNextReprocess();
bool getBuffers();
Mutex mInputMutex; // Protects mActive, mRequestCount
Condition mInputSignal;
bool mActive; // Whether we're waiting for input requests or actively
// working on them
size_t mRequestCount;
camera_metadata_t *mRequest;
Mutex mInternalsMutex; // Lock before accessing below members.
bool mWaitingForReadout;
bool mNextNeedsJpeg;
bool mNextIsCapture;
int32_t mNextFrameNumber;
int64_t mNextExposureTime;
int64_t mNextFrameDuration;
int32_t mNextSensitivity;
Buffers *mNextBuffers;
class ReadoutThread: public Thread, private JpegCompressor::JpegListener {
ReadoutThread(EmulatedFakeCamera2 *parent);
status_t readyToRun();
// Input
status_t waitUntilRunning();
bool waitForReady(nsecs_t timeout);
void setNextOperation(bool isCapture,
camera_metadata_t *request,
Buffers *buffers);
bool isStreamInUse(uint32_t id);
int getInProgressCount();
EmulatedFakeCamera2 *mParent;
bool mRunning;
bool threadLoop();
bool readyForNextCapture();
status_t collectStatisticsMetadata(camera_metadata_t *frame);
// Inputs
Mutex mInputMutex; // Protects mActive, mInFlightQueue, mRequestCount
Condition mInputSignal;
Condition mReadySignal;
bool mActive;
static const int kInFlightQueueSize = 4;
struct InFlightQueue {
bool isCapture;
camera_metadata_t *request;
Buffers *buffers;
} *mInFlightQueue;
size_t mInFlightHead;
size_t mInFlightTail;
size_t mRequestCount;
// Internals
Mutex mInternalsMutex;
bool mIsCapture;
camera_metadata_t *mRequest;
Buffers *mBuffers;
// Jpeg completion listeners
void onJpegDone(const StreamBuffer &jpegBuffer, bool success);
void onJpegInputDone(const StreamBuffer &inputBuffer);
nsecs_t mJpegTimestamp;
// 3A management thread (auto-exposure, focus, white balance)
class ControlThread: public Thread {
ControlThread(EmulatedFakeCamera2 *parent);
status_t readyToRun();
status_t waitUntilRunning();
// Interpret request's control parameters and override
// capture settings as needed
status_t processRequest(camera_metadata_t *request);
status_t triggerAction(uint32_t msgType,
int32_t ext1, int32_t ext2);
ControlThread(const ControlThread &t);
ControlThread& operator=(const ControlThread &t);
// Constants controlling fake 3A behavior
static const nsecs_t kControlCycleDelay;
static const nsecs_t kMinAfDuration;
static const nsecs_t kMaxAfDuration;
static const float kAfSuccessRate;
static const float kContinuousAfStartRate;
static const float kAeScanStartRate;
static const nsecs_t kMinAeDuration;
static const nsecs_t kMaxAeDuration;
static const nsecs_t kMinPrecaptureAeDuration;
static const nsecs_t kMaxPrecaptureAeDuration;
static const nsecs_t kNormalExposureTime;
static const nsecs_t kExposureJump;
static const nsecs_t kMinExposureTime;
EmulatedFakeCamera2 *mParent;
bool mRunning;
bool threadLoop();
Mutex mInputMutex; // Protects input methods
Condition mInputSignal;
// Trigger notifications
bool mStartAf;
bool mCancelAf;
bool mStartPrecapture;
// Latest state for 3A request fields
uint8_t mControlMode;
uint8_t mEffectMode;
uint8_t mSceneMode;
uint8_t mAfMode;
bool mAfModeChange;
uint8_t mAwbMode;
uint8_t mAeMode;
// Latest trigger IDs
int32_t mAfTriggerId;
int32_t mPrecaptureTriggerId;
// Current state for 3A algorithms
uint8_t mAfState;
uint8_t mAeState;
uint8_t mAwbState;
bool mAeLock;
// Current control parameters
nsecs_t mExposureTime;
// Private to threadLoop and its utility methods
nsecs_t mAfScanDuration;
nsecs_t mAeScanDuration;
bool mLockAfterPassiveScan;
// Utility methods for AF
int processAfTrigger(uint8_t afMode, uint8_t afState);
int maybeStartAfScan(uint8_t afMode, uint8_t afState);
int updateAfScan(uint8_t afMode, uint8_t afState, nsecs_t *maxSleep);
void updateAfState(uint8_t newState, int32_t triggerId);
// Utility methods for precapture trigger
int processPrecaptureTrigger(uint8_t aeMode, uint8_t aeState);
int maybeStartAeScan(uint8_t aeMode, bool aeLock, uint8_t aeState);
int updateAeScan(uint8_t aeMode, bool aeLock, uint8_t aeState,
nsecs_t *maxSleep);
void updateAeState(uint8_t newState, int32_t triggerId);
* Static configuration information
static const uint32_t kMaxRawStreamCount = 1;
static const uint32_t kMaxProcessedStreamCount = 3;
static const uint32_t kMaxJpegStreamCount = 1;
static const uint32_t kMaxReprocessStreamCount = 2;
static const uint32_t kMaxBufferCount = 4;
static const uint32_t kAvailableFormats[];
static const uint32_t kAvailableRawSizes[];
static const uint64_t kAvailableRawMinDurations[];
static const uint32_t kAvailableProcessedSizesBack[];
static const uint32_t kAvailableProcessedSizesFront[];
static const uint64_t kAvailableProcessedMinDurations[];
static const uint32_t kAvailableJpegSizesBack[];
static const uint32_t kAvailableJpegSizesFront[];
static const uint64_t kAvailableJpegMinDurations[];
* Data members.
/* Facing back (true) or front (false) switch. */
bool mFacingBack;
bool mIsConnected;
/** Stream manipulation */
uint32_t mNextStreamId;
uint32_t mRawStreamCount;
uint32_t mProcessedStreamCount;
uint32_t mJpegStreamCount;
uint32_t mNextReprocessStreamId;
uint32_t mReprocessStreamCount;
KeyedVector<uint32_t, Stream> mStreams;
KeyedVector<uint32_t, ReprocessStream> mReprocessStreams;
/** Simulated hardware interfaces */
sp<Sensor> mSensor;
sp<JpegCompressor> mJpegCompressor;
/** Pipeline control threads */
sp<ConfigureThread> mConfigureThread;
sp<ReadoutThread> mReadoutThread;
sp<ControlThread> mControlThread;
}; /* namespace android */