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// Copyright 2020 The Chromium Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file.
//#define LOG_NDEBUG 0
#define LOG_TAG ""
#include <C2Component.h>
#include <codec2/hidl/1.0/ComponentStore.h>
#include <hidl/HidlTransportSupport.h>
#include <log/log.h>
#include <minijail.h>
#include <goldfish_codec2/store/GoldfishComponentStore.h>
// Default policy for codec2.0 service.
static constexpr char kBaseSeccompPolicyPath[] =
// Additional device-specific seccomp permissions can be added in this file.
static constexpr char kExtSeccompPolicyPath[] =
int main(int /* argc */, char ** /* argv */) {
ALOGD("Goldfish C2 Service starting...");
android::SetUpMinijail(kBaseSeccompPolicyPath, kExtSeccompPolicyPath);
android::hardware::configureRpcThreadpool(8, true /* callerWillJoin */);
// Create IComponentStore service.
using namespace ::android::hardware::media::c2::V1_0;
ALOGD("Instantiating Codec2's Goldfish IComponentStore service...");
android::sp<IComponentStore> store(new utils::ComponentStore(
if (store == nullptr) {
ALOGE("Cannot create Codec2's Goldfish IComponentStore service.");
} else if (store->registerAsService("default") != android::OK) {
ALOGE("Cannot register Codec2's IComponentStore service.");
} else {
ALOGI("Codec2's IComponentStore service created.");
ALOGD("Service shutdown.");
return 0;