vndk-sp: Remove android.hidl.memory@1.0-impl

This commit removes from
/system/lib[64]/vndk-sp becuase is using
absolute path and will only search for /system/lib[64]/hw or

Bug: 35107583
Bug: 62778280
Test: sailfish boots
Test: Write a small SP-HAL which links to libhidlmemory, load the
testing SP-HAL lib from system executable, and it works when
ld.config.txt exposes from default
linker namespace.

Change-Id: I87238337cb70ff9b27ef1b25dc5fb982a84ff0b3
diff --git a/vndk/ b/vndk/
index e22f27d..2e1c2bb 100644
--- a/vndk/
+++ b/vndk/
@@ -4,7 +4,6 @@ \
     android.hardware.renderscript@1.0 \
     android.hidl.memory@1.0 \
-    android.hidl.memory@1.0-impl \
     libRSCpuRef \
     libRSDriver \
     libRS_internal \