Update git submodules

* Update external/lk from branch 'master'
  to aff683324c0f048caf0fd049e0d2f397b6fb0e35
  - [arch][arm64] PC-relative references in entry code
    Replace all absolute address references in the ARM64 kernel entry code
    with PC-relative values and instructions, e.g., adrp instead of ldr,
    using a new adrl helper macro.
    Bug: 80147716
    Test: build.py qemu-generic-arm64-test-debug
    Change-Id: I4a559d9497f7e013274ee68b6faced89e16f053b

* Update trusty/kernel from branch 'master'
  to 3e36753e9731ed48887157a8125c4af27bca7cb7
  - [lib][syscall] Use PC-relative references for KASLR
    Use adrp instead of ldr on arm64 in syscall assembly code
    in preparation for KASLR.
    Bug: 80147716
    Change-Id: I2a94e7dabf340fcdb3ffb989668109d399591a8d
2 files changed