Update git submodules

* Update external/lk from branch 'master'
  to cc4f65b1168fd509957b31d6643db6d26b2195d8
  - [vm] Fix ubsan overflows
    Bug: 129300035
    Change-Id: I6c67ea047b610b497ad2856dd432873b880c234b

* Update trusty/kernel from branch 'master'
  to f0861f960c82da734c91a3404b9355f551a9af8b
  - [lib][sm] Fix UBSAN error
    SM_ERR_UNDEFINED_SMC is returned in a long tiggering an overflow on 32
    bit kernels.
    Bug: 129300035
    Change-Id: Ia65cb8e8890c9cb5173aaff9b72a8fc23c69aaeb
  - [app][mmutest] Add an allocation test to trigger UBSAN checks
    Add some allocation around the last address in the kernel aspace to
    trigger overflows in the vmm and arch mmu code.
    Bug: 129300035
    Change-Id: I2abb9beac85eb3a00dae9ff3d7dc5766aac9f94b
  - [lib][trusty][ipc] UBSAN fixes
    Bug: 129300035
    Change-Id: I0e02950df83e486e30be5516340ef584070fa558
2 files changed