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  - KeyMint Curve 25519 support
    The overall structure of the class design is a bit awkward.
    This is partly because OpenSSL deals with Ed25519/X25519 differently
    than for other EC keys: EVP_PKEY does support {Ed,X}25519, but they
    have different EVP_PKEY_type values than EVP_PKEY_EC, and some
    entrypoints (e.g. i2d_PrivateKey()) for EVP_PKEYs don't support curve
    25519 keys.
    It's also partly because the existing class structure doesn't quite
    accomodate different behaviour based on curve; for example:
     - key factories are selected by Tag::ALGORITHM
     - operation factories are selected by Tag::PURPOSE
    neither of which allow for different factories for different curves.
    So to avoid having to rework the existing class hierarchy, instead treat
    the curve 25519 keys as special cases in EcKeyFactory. Curve 25519 are
    also special in that only one purpose is allowed: a SIGN / ATTEST_KEY
    key is Ed25519, but an AGREE_KEY key is X25519, which work differently.
    Include support for importing both PKCS#8 encoded keys and raw keys.
    Bug: 194358913
    Test: TreeHugger, VtsAidlKeyMintTargetTest
    Change-Id: Idd919b1c5d97df16afcace96cb992c47c05d637b
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