Update git submodules

* Update external/lk from branch 'master'
  to 1b72f9136d34a7493a67e2290f30dfb6a800dbe7
  - [rust] Deny warnings by default
    Sets Rust to error on warnings, as we do for C/C++.
    Test: build.py
    Bug: 192309116
    Change-Id: I7d24df589a15313db39535d8ad56164b2d99d0cf

* Update trusty/user/base from branch 'master'
  to b168b3f8027f71a2fd4398fd95e03da1a028e9bb
  - [rust] libcompiler_builtins: Silence name collision
    To build the current version of compiler_builtins with -D warnings on we
    need to explicitly allow a name collision for i32::abs_diff until it is
    updated to explicitly use the fully qualified item path.
    Test: build.py
    Bug: 192309116
    Change-Id: I06038152d22cbd6b4512455a6338f498f5a09c53
2 files changed