Update git submodules

* Update trusty/user/app/sample from branch 'master'
  to a5c3ef369cb5852e8fd32c442a426d774ef8470f
  - [skel_rust] Add log statement
    Adds a simple info!() call to test the Trusty logging backend.
    Test: build.py, run and check output manually
    Bug: 193278312
    Change-Id: Idd58031ca232b5b86e5df986b128c9ca2713069d

* Update trusty/user/base from branch 'master'
  to 4c13f286e6e6ac0f4c8ebefe2f01e927d120a624
  - [rust] Log backend
    Adds a simple backend for the Rust log crate that prints log output to
    standard error.
    Test: build.py
    Bug: 193278312
    Change-Id: Ifdce8533780401f5ccd73e22abe24d151222acde
  - [rust] Add log and cfg-if crate build files
    Adds build rules for the log and cfg-if external crates. These rules
    must be manually updated if necessary when rolling the crates forward.
    Test: build.py
    Bug: 193278312
    Change-Id: I70a406003d63def180ec6999c0e853221049d81f
2 files changed