Update git submodules

* Update external/lk from branch 'master'
  to 88e9aa5eb551f11330be5e4054e2b40f6457fb79
  - [make] Build kernel as a PIE binary
    Build the kernel as a PIE binary. This requires the following:
     * Compile the kernel with -fPIE and link with -pie
     * Link with --pack-dyn-relocs so that dynamic relocations, mainly
       R_*_RELATIVE relocations, are pre-applied and stored in a
       compact format in the binary
    Bug: 80147716
    Test: build.py qemu-generic-arm64-test-debug
    Change-Id: I771a5af9aa2e8a9314bf1a1ac57063052911e3c4
  - [arch][arm64] Position-relative fault handler addresses
    Switch the entries in the ARM64 fault handler table to
    position-relative entries in preparation for PIE kernel and KASLR.
    Bug: 80147716
    Change-Id: I928cd394d4c1a8797e8eed09f6080828ce184575

* Update trusty/kernel from branch 'master'
  to fc2462a11110d525c91e201139698904291bf3ae
  - [lib][trusty] Use position-relative references for KASLR
    Use position-relative instead of absolute addresses in trusty_app_img
    in preparation for KASLR.
    Bug: 80147716
    Change-Id: I6c2c189d11eee0e0ca339b06dc2a0be7d088b93c
2 files changed