Update git submodules

* Update trusty/user/app/sample from branch 'master'
  to 4cd13d1e31bfd62d8287ce8233fbef70a2586cce
  - [skel_rust] Remove explicit Rust edition flag
    With a Trusty-wide default Rust edition, we no longer need to set an
    explicit edition flag.
    Test: build.py
    Bug: 192309116
    Change-Id: Ib05c8e10c6398102e4a0e92d6b5d77bde786d1c5

* Update trusty/user/base from branch 'master'
  to 73a51aa5b38aa4994c09d3084308e14ce752804f
  - [rust] Use MODULE_RUST_EDITION to override the default Rust edition
    Rather than having to explictly add the --edition flag for crates which
    do not use the default edition, we now support a MODULE_RUST_EDITION
    variable which will cause the module to be built with the specified
    edition. If unspecified, it is assumed to be the default edition
    configured in common_flags.mk.
    Test: build.py
    Bug: 192309116
    Change-Id: Ib346022c9d80f0b953fbb0b8bbe2ede54efff7e6
2 files changed