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Trusted Firmware-A (TF-A) implements the EL3 firmware layer for QEMU SBSA
Armv8-A. While running Qemu from command line, we need to supply two Flash
images. First Secure BootRom is supplied by -pflash argument. This Flash image
is made by EDK2 build system by composing BL1 and FIP. Second parameter for Qemu
is responsible for Non-secure rom which also given with -pflash argument and
contains of UEFI and EFI variables (also made by EDK2 build system). Semihosting
is not used
When QEMU starts all CPUs are released simultaneously, BL1 selects a
primary CPU to handle the boot and the secondaries are placed in a polling
loop to be released by normal world via PSCI.
BL2 edits the FDT, generated by QEMU at run-time to add a node describing PSCI
and also enable methods for the CPUs.
Current limitations:
- Only cold boot is supported
To build TF-A:
git clone tfa
cd tfa
export CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf-
make PLAT=qemu_sbsa all fip
To build TF-A with BL32 and SPM enabled(StandaloneMM as a Secure Payload):
git clone tfa
cd tfa
export CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf-
make PLAT=qemu_sbsa BL32=../STANDALONE_MM.fd SPM_MM=1 EL3_EXCEPTION_HANDLING=1 all fip
Images will be placed at build/qemu_sbsa/release (bl1.bin and fip.bin).
Need to copy them into top directory for EDK2 compilation.
cp build/qemu_sbsa/release/bl1.bin ../
cp build/qemu_sbsa/release/fip.bin ../
Those images cannot be used by itself (no semihosing support). Flash images are built by
EDK2 build system, refer to edk2-platform repo for full build instructions.
git clone