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Amlogic Meson A113D (AXG)
The Amlogic Meson A113D is a SoC with a quad core Arm Cortex-A53 running at
~1.2GHz. It also contains a Cortex-M3 used as SCP.
This port is a minimal implementation of BL31 capable of booting mainline U-Boot
and Linux:
- SCPI support.
- Basic PSCI support (CPU_ON, CPU_OFF, SYSTEM_RESET, SYSTEM_OFF). Note that CPU0
can't be turned off, so there is a workaround to hide this from the caller.
- GICv2 driver set up.
- Basic SIP services (read efuse data, enable/disable JTAG).
In order to build it:
.. code:: shell
CROSS_COMPILE=aarch64-none-elf- make DEBUG=1 PLAT=axg [SPD=opteed]
[AML_USE_ATOS=1 when using ATOS as BL32]
This port has been tested on a A113D board. After building it, follow the
instructions in the `U-Boot repository`_, replacing the mentioned **bl31.img**
by the one built from this port.
.. _U-Boot repository: