docs(juno): update TF-A build instructions

Clean up instructions for building/running TF-A on the
Juno platform and add correct link to SCP binaries.

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 This version of TF-A has been tested on variants r0, r1 and r2 of Juno.
-To execute the software stack on Juno, the version of the Juno board recovery
-image indicated in the `Linaro Release Notes`_ must be installed. If you have an
-earlier version installed or are unsure which version is installed, please
-re-install the recovery image by following the
-`Instructions for using Linaro's deliverables on Juno`_.
+To run TF-A on Juno, you need to first prepare an SD card with Juno software
+stack that includes TF-A. This version of TF-A is tested with pre-built
+`Linaro release software stack`_ version 20.01. You can alternatively
+build the software stack yourself by following the
+`Juno platform software user guide`_. Once you prepare the software stack
+on an SD card, you can replace the ``bl1.bin`` and ``fip.bin``
+binaries in the ``SOFTWARE/`` directory with custom built TF-A binaries.
 Preparing TF-A images
-After building TF-A, the files ``bl1.bin`` and ``fip.bin`` need copying to the
-``SOFTWARE/`` directory of the Juno SD card.
-Creating a Firmware Image Package (FIP)
 This section provides Juno and FVP specific instructions to build Trusted
 Firmware, obtain the additional required firmware, and pack it all together in
-a single FIP binary. It assumes that a Linaro release has been installed.
+a single FIP binary. It assumes that a Linaro release software stack has been
 .. note::
    Pre-built binaries for AArch32 are available from Linaro Release 16.12
@@ -57,9 +54,16 @@
        make realclean
-#. Obtain SCP_BL2 (Juno) and BL33 (all platforms)
+#. Obtain SCP binaries (Juno)
-   Use the fiptool to extract the SCP_BL2 and BL33 images from the FIP
+   This version of TF-A is tested with SCP version 2.8.0 on Juno. You can
+   download pre-built SCP binaries (``scp_bl1.bin`` and ``scp_bl2.bin``)
+   from `TF-A downloads page`_. Alternatively, you can `build
+   the binaries from source`_.
+#. Obtain BL33 (all platforms)
+   Use the fiptool to extract the BL33 image from the FIP
    package included in the Linaro release:
    .. code:: shell
@@ -71,8 +75,7 @@
        ./tools/fiptool/fiptool unpack <path-to-linaro-release>/[SOFTWARE]/fip.bin
    The unpack operation will result in a set of binary images extracted to the
-   current working directory. The SCP_BL2 image corresponds to
-   ``scp-fw.bin`` and BL33 corresponds to ``nt-fw.bin``.
+   current working directory. BL33 corresponds to ``nt-fw.bin``.
    .. note::
       The fiptool will complain if the images to be unpacked already
@@ -102,7 +105,7 @@
    .. code:: shell
-       make PLAT=juno BL33=nt-fw.bin SCP_BL2=scp-fw.bin all fip
+       make PLAT=juno BL33=nt-fw.bin SCP_BL2=scp_bl2.bin all fip
    For AArch32:
@@ -144,7 +147,7 @@
       .. code:: shell
           make ARCH=aarch64 PLAT=juno JUNO_AARCH32_EL3_RUNTIME=1 \
-          BL33=nt-fw.bin SCP_BL2=scp-fw.bin \
+          BL33=nt-fw.bin SCP_BL2=scp_bl2.bin \
           BL32=<path-to-temporary>/bl32.bin all fip
 The resulting BL1 and FIP images may be found in:
@@ -159,6 +162,8 @@
+After building TF-A, the files ``bl1.bin``, ``fip.bin`` and ``scp_bl1.bin``
+need to be copied to the ``SOFTWARE/`` directory on the Juno SD card.
 Booting Firmware Update images
@@ -236,10 +241,12 @@
-*Copyright (c) 2019, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
+*Copyright (c) 2019-2021, Arm Limited. All rights reserved.*
-.. _Linaro Release Notes:
-.. _Instructions for using Linaro's deliverables on Juno:
+.. _Linaro release software stack:
+.. _Juno platform software user guide:
+.. _TF-A downloads page:
+.. _build the binaries from source:
 .. _Arm Platforms Portal:
 .. _Juno Getting Started Guide:
 .. _PSCI: