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* Channel subsystem structures and definitions.
* Copyright 2012 IBM Corp.
* Author(s): Cornelia Huck <>
* This work is licensed under the terms of the GNU GPL, version 2 or (at
* your option) any later version. See the COPYING file in the top-level
* directory.
#ifndef CSS_H
#define CSS_H
#include "cpu.h"
#include "hw/s390x/adapter.h"
#include "hw/s390x/s390_flic.h"
#include "hw/s390x/ioinst.h"
#include "sysemu/kvm.h"
/* Channel subsystem constants. */
#define MAX_DEVNO 65535
#define MAX_SCHID 65535
#define MAX_SSID 3
#define MAX_CSSID 255
#define MAX_CHPID 255
#define MAX_ISC 7
#define MAX_CIWS 62
#define VIRTUAL_CSSID 0xfe
#define VIRTIO_CCW_CHPID 0 /* used by convention */
typedef struct CIW {
uint8_t type;
uint8_t command;
uint16_t count;
typedef struct SenseId {
/* common part */
uint8_t reserved; /* always 0x'FF' */
uint16_t cu_type; /* control unit type */
uint8_t cu_model; /* control unit model */
uint16_t dev_type; /* device type */
uint8_t dev_model; /* device model */
uint8_t unused; /* padding byte */
/* extended part */
CIW ciw[MAX_CIWS]; /* variable # of CIWs */
} SenseId; /* Note: No QEMU_PACKED due to unaligned members */
/* Channel measurements, from linux/drivers/s390/cio/cmf.c. */
typedef struct CMB {
uint16_t ssch_rsch_count;
uint16_t sample_count;
uint32_t device_connect_time;
uint32_t function_pending_time;
uint32_t device_disconnect_time;
uint32_t control_unit_queuing_time;
uint32_t device_active_only_time;
uint32_t reserved[2];
typedef struct CMBE {
uint32_t ssch_rsch_count;
uint32_t sample_count;
uint32_t device_connect_time;
uint32_t function_pending_time;
uint32_t device_disconnect_time;
uint32_t control_unit_queuing_time;
uint32_t device_active_only_time;
uint32_t device_busy_time;
uint32_t initial_command_response_time;
uint32_t reserved[7];
typedef enum CcwDataStreamOp {
CDS_OP_R = 0, /* read, false when used as is_write */
CDS_OP_W = 1, /* write, true when used as is_write */
CDS_OP_A = 2 /* advance, should not be used as is_write */
} CcwDataStreamOp;
/* normal usage is via SuchchDev.cds instead of instantiating */
typedef struct CcwDataStream {
#define CDS_F_IDA 0x01
#define CDS_F_MIDA 0x02
#define CDS_F_I2K 0x04
#define CDS_F_C64 0x08
#define CDS_F_FMT 0x10 /* CCW format-1 */
#define CDS_F_STREAM_BROKEN 0x80
uint8_t flags;
uint8_t at_idaw;
uint16_t at_byte;
uint16_t count;
uint32_t cda_orig;
int (*op_handler)(struct CcwDataStream *cds, void *buff, int len,
CcwDataStreamOp op);
hwaddr cda;
} CcwDataStream;
* IO instructions conclude according to this. Currently we have only
* cc codes. Valid values are 0, 1, 2, 3 and the generic semantic for
* IO instructions is described briefly. For more details consult the PoP.
typedef enum IOInstEnding {
/* produced expected result */
/* status conditions were present or produced alternate result */
/* inst. ineffective because busy with previously initiated function */
/* inst. ineffective because not operational */
} IOInstEnding;
typedef struct SubchDev SubchDev;
struct SubchDev {
/* channel-subsystem related things: */
SCHIB curr_status; /* Needs alignment and thus must come first */
ORB orb;
uint8_t cssid;
uint8_t ssid;
uint16_t schid;
uint16_t devno;
uint8_t sense_data[32];
hwaddr channel_prog;
CCW1 last_cmd;
bool last_cmd_valid;
bool ccw_fmt_1;
bool thinint_active;
uint8_t ccw_no_data_cnt;
uint16_t migrated_schid; /* used for missmatch detection */
CcwDataStream cds;
/* transport-provided data: */
int (*ccw_cb) (SubchDev *, CCW1);
void (*disable_cb)(SubchDev *);
IOInstEnding (*do_subchannel_work) (SubchDev *);
SenseId id;
void *driver_data;
static inline void sch_gen_unit_exception(SubchDev *sch)
sch->curr_status.scsw.ctrl &= ~SCSW_ACTL_START_PEND;
sch->curr_status.scsw.ctrl |= SCSW_STCTL_PRIMARY |
sch-> = sch->channel_prog + 8;
sch->curr_status.scsw.dstat = SCSW_DSTAT_UNIT_EXCEP;
extern const VMStateDescription vmstate_subch_dev;
* Identify a device within the channel subsystem.
* Note that this can be used to identify either the subchannel or
* the attached I/O device, as there's always one I/O device per
* subchannel.
typedef struct CssDevId {
uint8_t cssid;
uint8_t ssid;
uint16_t devid;
bool valid;
} CssDevId;
extern const PropertyInfo css_devid_propinfo;
#define DEFINE_PROP_CSS_DEV_ID(_n, _s, _f) \
DEFINE_PROP(_n, _s, _f, css_devid_propinfo, CssDevId)
typedef struct IndAddr {
hwaddr addr;
uint64_t map;
unsigned long refcnt;
int32_t len;
QTAILQ_ENTRY(IndAddr) sibling;
} IndAddr;
extern const VMStateDescription vmstate_ind_addr;
#define VMSTATE_PTR_TO_IND_ADDR(_f, _s) \
VMSTATE_STRUCT(_f, _s, 1, vmstate_ind_addr, IndAddr*)
IndAddr *get_indicator(hwaddr ind_addr, int len);
void release_indicator(AdapterInfo *adapter, IndAddr *indicator);
int map_indicator(AdapterInfo *adapter, IndAddr *indicator);
typedef SubchDev *(*css_subch_cb_func)(uint8_t m, uint8_t cssid, uint8_t ssid,
uint16_t schid);
int css_create_css_image(uint8_t cssid, bool default_image);
bool css_devno_used(uint8_t cssid, uint8_t ssid, uint16_t devno);
void css_subch_assign(uint8_t cssid, uint8_t ssid, uint16_t schid,
uint16_t devno, SubchDev *sch);
void css_sch_build_virtual_schib(SubchDev *sch, uint8_t chpid, uint8_t type);
int css_sch_build_schib(SubchDev *sch, CssDevId *dev_id);
unsigned int css_find_free_chpid(uint8_t cssid);
uint16_t css_build_subchannel_id(SubchDev *sch);
void copy_scsw_to_guest(SCSW *dest, const SCSW *src);
void css_inject_io_interrupt(SubchDev *sch);
void css_reset(void);
void css_reset_sch(SubchDev *sch);
void css_queue_crw(uint8_t rsc, uint8_t erc, int solicited,
int chain, uint16_t rsid);
void css_generate_sch_crws(uint8_t cssid, uint8_t ssid, uint16_t schid,
int hotplugged, int add);
void css_generate_chp_crws(uint8_t cssid, uint8_t chpid);
void css_generate_css_crws(uint8_t cssid);
void css_clear_sei_pending(void);
IOInstEnding s390_ccw_cmd_request(SubchDev *sch);
IOInstEnding do_subchannel_work_virtual(SubchDev *sub);
IOInstEnding do_subchannel_work_passthrough(SubchDev *sub);
typedef enum {
} CssIoAdapterType;
void css_adapter_interrupt(CssIoAdapterType type, uint8_t isc);
int css_do_sic(CPUS390XState *env, uint8_t isc, uint16_t mode);
uint32_t css_get_adapter_id(CssIoAdapterType type, uint8_t isc);
void css_register_io_adapters(CssIoAdapterType type, bool swap, bool maskable,
uint8_t flags, Error **errp);
#ifndef CONFIG_KVM
SubchDev *css_find_subch(uint8_t m, uint8_t cssid, uint8_t ssid,
uint16_t schid);
bool css_subch_visible(SubchDev *sch);
void css_conditional_io_interrupt(SubchDev *sch);
int css_do_stsch(SubchDev *sch, SCHIB *schib);
bool css_schid_final(int m, uint8_t cssid, uint8_t ssid, uint16_t schid);
IOInstEnding css_do_msch(SubchDev *sch, const SCHIB *schib);
IOInstEnding css_do_xsch(SubchDev *sch);
IOInstEnding css_do_csch(SubchDev *sch);
IOInstEnding css_do_hsch(SubchDev *sch);
IOInstEnding css_do_ssch(SubchDev *sch, ORB *orb);
int css_do_tsch_get_irb(SubchDev *sch, IRB *irb, int *irb_len);
void css_do_tsch_update_subch(SubchDev *sch);
int css_do_stcrw(CRW *crw);
void css_undo_stcrw(CRW *crw);
int css_collect_chp_desc(int m, uint8_t cssid, uint8_t f_chpid, uint8_t l_chpid,
int rfmt, void *buf);
void css_do_schm(uint8_t mbk, int update, int dct, uint64_t mbo);
int css_enable_mcsse(void);
int css_enable_mss(void);
IOInstEnding css_do_rsch(SubchDev *sch);
int css_do_rchp(uint8_t cssid, uint8_t chpid);
bool css_present(uint8_t cssid);
extern const PropertyInfo css_devid_ro_propinfo;
#define DEFINE_PROP_CSS_DEV_ID_RO(_n, _s, _f) \
DEFINE_PROP(_n, _s, _f, css_devid_ro_propinfo, CssDevId)
* Create a subchannel for the given bus id.
* If @p bus_id is valid, verify that it is not already in use, and find a
* free devno for it.
* If @p bus_id is not valid find a free subchannel id and device number
* across all subchannel sets and all css images starting from the default
* css image.
* If either of the former actions succeed, allocate a subchannel structure,
* initialise it with the bus id, subchannel id and device number, register
* it with the CSS and return it. Otherwise return NULL.
* The caller becomes owner of the returned subchannel structure and
* is responsible for unregistering and freeing it.
SubchDev *css_create_sch(CssDevId bus_id, Error **errp);
/** Turn on css migration */
void css_register_vmstate(void);
void ccw_dstream_init(CcwDataStream *cds, CCW1 const *ccw, ORB const *orb);
static inline void ccw_dstream_rewind(CcwDataStream *cds)
cds->at_byte = 0;
cds->at_idaw = 0;
cds->cda = cds->cda_orig;
static inline bool ccw_dstream_good(CcwDataStream *cds)
return !(cds->flags & CDS_F_STREAM_BROKEN);
static inline uint16_t ccw_dstream_residual_count(CcwDataStream *cds)
return cds->count - cds->at_byte;
static inline uint16_t ccw_dstream_avail(CcwDataStream *cds)
return ccw_dstream_good(cds) ? ccw_dstream_residual_count(cds) : 0;
static inline int ccw_dstream_advance(CcwDataStream *cds, int len)
return cds->op_handler(cds, NULL, len, CDS_OP_A);
static inline int ccw_dstream_write_buf(CcwDataStream *cds, void *buff, int len)
return cds->op_handler(cds, buff, len, CDS_OP_W);
static inline int ccw_dstream_read_buf(CcwDataStream *cds, void *buff, int len)
return cds->op_handler(cds, buff, len, CDS_OP_R);
#define ccw_dstream_read(cds, v) ccw_dstream_read_buf((cds), &(v), sizeof(v))
#define ccw_dstream_write(cds, v) ccw_dstream_write_buf((cds), &(v), sizeof(v))