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* Raspberry Pi emulation (c) 2012 Gregory Estrade
* Upstreaming code cleanup [including bcm2835_*] (c) 2013 Jan Petrous
* Rasperry Pi 2 emulation and refactoring Copyright (c) 2015, Microsoft
* Written by Andrew Baumann
* This code is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 and later.
#ifndef BCM2835_FB_H
#define BCM2835_FB_H
#include "hw/sysbus.h"
#include "ui/console.h"
#define TYPE_BCM2835_FB "bcm2835-fb"
#define BCM2835_FB(obj) OBJECT_CHECK(BCM2835FBState, (obj), TYPE_BCM2835_FB)
* Configuration information about the fb which the guest can program
* via the mailbox property interface.
typedef struct {
uint32_t xres, yres;
uint32_t xres_virtual, yres_virtual;
uint32_t xoffset, yoffset;
uint32_t bpp;
uint32_t base;
uint32_t pixo;
uint32_t alpha;
} BCM2835FBConfig;
typedef struct {
/*< private >*/
SysBusDevice busdev;
/*< public >*/
uint32_t vcram_base, vcram_size;
MemoryRegion *dma_mr;
AddressSpace dma_as;
MemoryRegion iomem;
MemoryRegionSection fbsection;
QemuConsole *con;
qemu_irq mbox_irq;
bool lock, invalidate, pending;
BCM2835FBConfig config;
BCM2835FBConfig initial_config;
} BCM2835FBState;
void bcm2835_fb_reconfigure(BCM2835FBState *s, BCM2835FBConfig *newconfig);
* bcm2835_fb_get_pitch: return number of bytes per line of the framebuffer
* @config: configuration info for the framebuffer
* Return the number of bytes per line of the framebuffer, ie the number
* that must be added to a pixel address to get the address of the pixel
* directly below it on screen.
static inline uint32_t bcm2835_fb_get_pitch(BCM2835FBConfig *config)
uint32_t xres = MAX(config->xres, config->xres_virtual);
return xres * (config->bpp >> 3);
* bcm2835_fb_get_size: return total size of framebuffer in bytes
* @config: configuration info for the framebuffer
static inline uint32_t bcm2835_fb_get_size(BCM2835FBConfig *config)
uint32_t yres = MAX(config->yres, config->yres_virtual);
return yres * bcm2835_fb_get_pitch(config);
* bcm2835_fb_validate_config: check provided config
* Validates the configuration information provided by the guest and
* adjusts it if necessary.
void bcm2835_fb_validate_config(BCM2835FBConfig *config);