libslirp is a user-mode networking library used by virtual machines, containers or various tools.

Getting Started


A C compiler, meson and glib2 development libraries.

(see also .gitlab-ci.yml DEPS variable for the list of dependencies on Fedora)


You may build and install the shared library with meson:

meson build
ninja -C build install

And configure QEMU with --enable-slirp=system to link against it.

(QEMU may build with the submodule static library using --enable-slirp=git)


Unfortunately, there are no automated tests available.

You may run QEMU -net user linked with your development version.


Feel free to open issues on the project issues page.

You may clone the gitlab project and create a merge request.

Contributing with gitlab allows gitlab workflow, tracking issues, running CI etc.

Alternatively, you may send patches to mailing list.


We intend to use libtool's versioning for the shared libraries and use SemVer for project versions.

For the versions available, see the tags on this repository.


See the COPYRIGHT file for details.