Disable app rollback version check for qemu arm64u32 as a test target

We need to test that the system state flag for skipping app version
checks works correctly, so we disable this check on
qem-generic-arm64u32-test-debug to have a target that tests this

Test: build.py qemu-generic-arm64u32-test-debug --test com.android.trusty.apploader.test
Bug: 192507160
Change-Id: Ib3f4e30a5657a1a979f3cbb18bd2981fa25565e8
diff --git a/project/qemu-generic-arm64u32-test-debug.mk b/project/qemu-generic-arm64u32-test-debug.mk
index 63d68a2..f18cfa6 100644
--- a/project/qemu-generic-arm64u32-test-debug.mk
+++ b/project/qemu-generic-arm64u32-test-debug.mk
@@ -16,4 +16,12 @@
 USER_32BIT := true
 QEMU_TRUSTY_PROJECT := generic-arm64-test-debug
+# Version checks are enforced by default. We override this to ensure that we
+# have at least one target to test that we can disable this enforcement.
+# a value of 1 indicates that we will skip updating the rollback version, 2 will
+# skip the version check entirely.
 include project/qemu-inc.mk