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* Copyright (C) 2022 The Android Open Source Project
* Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
* you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
* You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
//! Main entrypoint for KeyMint/Rust trusted application (TA) on Trusty.
use keymint::{
AttestationIds, CertSignInfo, SharedSddManager, TrustyAes, TrustyKeys, TrustyMonotonicClock,
TrustyRng, TrustyRpc, TrustySecureDeletionSecretManager, TrustyStorageKeyWrapper,
use kmr_common::crypto;
use kmr_crypto_boring::{
aes::BoringAes, aes_cmac::BoringAesCmac, des::BoringDes, ec::BoringEc, eq::BoringEq,
hmac::BoringHmac, rsa::BoringRsa, sha256::BoringSha256,
use kmr_ta::{HardwareInfo, RpcInfo, RpcInfoV3};
use log::info;
fn log_formatter(record: &log::Record) -> String {
// line number should be present, so keeping it simple by just returning a 0.
let line = record.line().unwrap_or(0);
let file = record.file().unwrap_or("unknown file");
format!("{}: {}:{} {}\n", record.level(), file, line, record.args())
fn main() {
let config = trusty_log::TrustyLoggerConfig::default()
info!("Hello from Keymint Rust!");
let hw_info = HardwareInfo {
version_number: 3,
security_level: kmr_common::wire::keymint::SecurityLevel::TrustedEnvironment,
impl_name: "TEE KeyMint in Rust",
author_name: "Google",
unique_id: "TEE KeyMint TA",
let rpc_info_v3 = RpcInfoV3 {
author_name: "Google",
unique_id: "TEE KeyMint TA",
fused: false,
supported_num_of_keys_in_csr: kmr_wire::rpc::MINIMUM_SUPPORTED_KEYS_IN_CSR,
let rng = TrustyRng::default();
let clock = TrustyMonotonicClock;
let aes = TrustyAes::default();
let imp = crypto::Implementation {
rng: Box::new(rng),
clock: Some(Box::new(clock)),
compare: Box::new(BoringEq),
aes: Box::new(aes),
des: Box::new(BoringDes),
hmac: Box::new(BoringHmac),
rsa: Box::<BoringRsa>::default(),
ec: Box::<BoringEc>::default(),
ckdf: Box::new(BoringAesCmac),
hkdf: Box::new(BoringHmac),
sha256: Box::new(BoringSha256),
let sdd_mgr = TrustySecureDeletionSecretManager::new();
let shared_sdd_mgr = SharedSddManager::new(sdd_mgr);
let legacy_sdd_mgr = shared_sdd_mgr.clone();
let legacy_key = keymint::TrustyLegacyKeyBlobHandler {
aes: Box::new(BoringAes),
hkdf: Box::new(BoringHmac),
sdd_mgr: Some(Box::new(legacy_sdd_mgr)),
keys: Box::new(TrustyKeys),
let dev = kmr_ta::device::Implementation {
keys: Box::new(TrustyKeys),
sign_info: Box::new(CertSignInfo),
attest_ids: Some(Box::new(AttestationIds)),
sdd_mgr: Some(Box::new(shared_sdd_mgr)),
bootloader: Box::new(kmr_ta::device::BootloaderDone),
sk_wrapper: Some(Box::new(TrustyStorageKeyWrapper)),
tup: Box::new(kmr_ta::device::TrustedPresenceUnsupported),
legacy_key: Some(Box::new(legacy_key)),
rpc: Box::new(TrustyRpc),
keymint::handle_port_connections(hw_info, RpcInfo::V3(rpc_info_v3), imp, dev)
.expect("handle_port_connections returned an error");