Implement 2nd IMEI attestation support

Support for attesting to a second IMEI sent by the platform:
* Copy the tag to the authorization list.

TODO: Will need to check that the 2nd IMEI is one after the 1st IMEI.

To generate the C source/header files from the proto, the following
command was used (run from the trusty checkout root):

protoc --plugin=protoc-gen-nanopb=$PWD/build-root/build-cloudripper-test-debug/proto/nanopb-c/generator/protoc-gen-nanopb -I$PWD/trusty/user/app/keymaster -I$PWD/build-root/build-cloudripper-test-debug/proto/nanopb-c/generator/proto $PWD/trusty/user/app/keymaster/keymaster_attributes.proto --nanopb_out=$PWD/trusty/user/app/keymaster

Bug: 244732345
Test: atest android.keystore.cts.DeviceOwnerKeyManagementTest
Change-Id: I6d8f0df6c46dfbfff0adbd48d3f486120e7389bf
4 files changed