Use compiler option to choose the signing key.

Use the key from keymaster when in the real target.

Bug: 176508836

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ConfirmationUI Trusted App

This is an implementation of the ConfirmationUI trusted application for Trusty. It is meant as a reference implementation for OEMs who want to implement ConfirmationUI or “Android Protected Confirmation” and use Trusty as TEE OS.


  • Android platform/system/teeui
  • libcxx
  • freetype

Additional integration work

You will need a touch controller driver or another trusted input method for the targeted platform.

Included in this package is a sample layout as used by Pixel3(+) phones. For phones that use button on the right side of the phone this layout can be adjusted by configuring the context parameters. E.g.: (see TrustyConfirmationUI.cpp) conv.setParam(1440_px); conv.setParam(2960_px); conv.setParam(34.146_mm); conv.setParam(44.146_mm); conv.setParam(54.146_mm); conv.setParam(64.146_mm);


A default example layout is provided in examples/layouts/. To override the layout with a vendor specific one, define CONFIRMATIONUI_LAYOUTS to point to the layouts library you want to link against.