Don't override maxTargetSdk for trackingBug=170729553.

Instead, just don't require publicAlternatives for these APIs. This
moves all APIs tagged with bug 170729553 to the max-sdk-R list.

For this bug, and when maxTargetSdk=30, don't require publicAlternatives
We think the APIs are unused, therefore there is no value to adding this
information - we don't need a public alternative.

Bug: 173499988
Test: m
Test: atest --host class2nonsdklisttest
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Platform compat tools

Tools for Android App Compat (go/android-compat).

What's in here?

├── build # python helper scripts for build
├── java # All Java source files; directories follow corresponding java packages
│   └── android
│       ├── compat
│       │   └── annotation # Annotations used for go/compat-framework and go/unsupportedappusage
│       └── processor
│           └── compat  # Java annotation processors for annotations defined in src/
│               ├── changeid # Creates compat_config xml files from @ChangeId constants
│               └── unsupportedappusage # Creates csv files with source positions for @UnsupportedAppUsage elements
└── javatest # Tests for source files defined under java/