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  1. 47d0219 Remove support for 32-bit Windows. by Dan Albert · 6 days ago master
  2. b551e60 Set CFLAGS_FOR_BUILD to be CFLAGS for yasm by Haibo Huang · 4 weeks ago
  3. 21e1f04 Adapt to ndk.hosts changes. by Dan Albert · 3 months ago
  4. 89fed65 Use the appropriate i686 or x86_64 mingw-w64 triple by Ryan Prichard · 1 year, 5 months ago ndk-release-r17 ndk-release-r18 ndk-release-r19 ndk-release-r20 ndk-r17 ndk-r17-beta1 ndk-r17-beta2 ndk-r17b ndk-r18-beta1 ndk-r18-beta2 ndk-r18b ndk-r19 ndk-r19-beta1 ndk-r19-beta2 ndk-r19b ndk-r19c ndk-r20 ndk-r20-beta1 ndk-r20-beta2 ndk-r20-beta3
  5. 45543d2 Don't use TMPDIR when building yasm. by Dan Albert · 1 year, 9 months ago
  6. a159fe0 Install yasm to OUT_DIR, not DIST_DIR. by Dan Albert · 3 years, 5 months ago ndk-r12-release ndk-r13-release ndk-r14-release ndk-r15-release ndk-release-r16 ndk-r12-beta1 ndk-r12-beta2 ndk-r12b ndk-r13 ndk-r13-beta1 ndk-r13-beta2 ndk-r14 ndk-r14-beta1 ndk-r14-beta2 ndk-r15-beta1 ndk-r15-beta2 ndk-r16 ndk-r16-beta1 ndk-r16-beta2
  7. c78ebe9 Refactor to use build_support. by Dan Albert · 3 years, 10 months ago
  8. d91d70c Use module docstring for argparse help. by Dan Albert · 3 years, 10 months ago
  9. 66fe4c3 Fix up to build standalone. by Dan Albert · 3 years, 10 months ago
  10. e2c6a27 Move from ndk/ to toolchain/yasm/. by Dan Albert · 3 years, 10 months ago
  11. d4d816b Upgrade to yasm 1.3.0. by Elliott Hughes · 4 years ago
  12. 87c09ba test commit by Brian Gladman · 6 years ago
  13. aba12e7 Minor change to Python detection in the Visual Studio build to avoid spurious error message by briangladman · 6 years ago
  14. 964fd9a Optimize matching loops. by Peter Johnson · 6 years ago
  15. d8c0c39 Update config.guess and config.sub. by Peter Johnson · 6 years ago
  16. a24f484 cv8: Fix line number issues with multiple files. by Peter Johnson · 6 years ago
  17. c3aa247 Unbreak distcheck. by Peter Johnson · 6 years ago
  18. 31c99f1 Fix vpbroadcastq. by Peter Johnson · 6 years ago
  19. 607feba Make the detection of Python in the Visual Studio 2010 build more robust by BrianGladman · 7 years ago
  20. 1db998a Add support for "function" decorator in win32/win64. by Peter Johnson · 7 years ago