Add an empty

This is to prevent in subdirs from being parsed in the
master-plus-llvm branch.

Test: 'python toolchain/llvm/android/ --build-only ./' in master-plus-llvm branch
Change-Id: I2f25a5ce0bbf0db381e9dee73177c499bde67a7b
1 file changed
tree: 0e3f62a94d9f918cd8a187b58a939002f89ffd13
  1. build/
  2. meta/
  3. platforms/
  4. prebuilt/
  5. python-packages/
  6. shader-tools/
  7. simpleperf/
  8. sources/
  9. sysroot/
  10. toolchains/
  13. ndk-build
  14. ndk-depends
  15. ndk-gdb
  16. ndk-stack
  17. ndk-which

Android NDK


NDK documentation, guides, and API reference are available on our website.

NDK code samples are available on GitHub.

Information about Android Studio can be found on the Android Studio website.

Filing Bugs

NDK bugs should be filed on GitHub.

Android Studio and Gradle bugs should be filed in the Android Studio Bug Tracker. For the fastest response, make sure you follow their guide on Filing Bugs.