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Android PGO Profiles

For the latest version of this doc, please make sure to visit: Android PGO Profiles

Getting the necessary dependencies

First, you need to install python-pip, as well as 2 packages from it.

$ sudo apt-get install python-pip
$ sudo pip install --upgrade google-api-python-client
$ sudo pip install --upgrade oauth2client

Updating PGO Profiles

We only update profiles in the Android release branch, so this script should be run directly from that location. The following is a sample command line for updating the PGO profiles:

$ python toolchain/pgo-profiles/scripts/update_profiles.py -b <BUG_NUMBER> --add-do-not-merge <BUILD_ID> ALL --profdata-suffix <YYYY-MM-DD>
$ repo upload --cbr toolchain/pgo-profiles/
# Each separate profile will be uploaded as a single patch, so that it can get appropriate reviews.

Note that you need to change that command to supply 3 pieces of information:

  • BUG_NUMBER: The buganizer bug number that should be part of the commit message. For Android R, that bug number is 150254950.
  • BUILD_ID: The build id from which to extract the PGO profiles. You should check go/ab for the given release branch.
  • YYYY-MM-DD: The date of the build that the profiles come from (to keep it easier to check for stale profiles).

More Information

PGO-related questions should be sent to the Android LLVM team's public list: android-llvm@googlegroups.com