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# -*-mode: perl-*-
$description = "Test GNU make's auto-reinvocation feature.";
$details = "\
If the makefile or one it includes can be rebuilt then it is, and make
is reinvoked. We create a rule to rebuild the makefile from a temp
file, then touch the temp file to make it newer than the makefile.";
$omkfile = $makefile;
&utouch(-600, '');
# For some reason if we don't do this then the test fails for systems
# with sub-second timestamps, maybe + NFS? Not sure.
&utouch(-1, '');
all: ; @echo running rules.
@echo rebuilding $@
@echo >> $@
'', "rebuilding\nrunning rules.\n");
# Make sure updating the makefile itself also works
&utouch(-600, $omkfile);
run_make_test(undef, '', "rebuilding #MAKEFILE#\nrunning rules.\n");
&rmfiles('', '');
# In this test we create an included file that's out-of-date, but then
# the rule doesn't update it. Make shouldn't re-exec.
&utouch(-600, 'b','a');
#&utouch(-10, 'a');
all: ; @echo hello
a : b ; echo >> $@
b : c ; [ -f $@ ] || echo >> $@
c: ; echo >> $@
include $(F)',
'F=a', "[ -f b ] || echo >> b\nhello\n");
# Now try with the file we're not updating being the actual file we're
# including: this and the previous one test different parts of the code.
run_make_test(undef, 'F=b', "[ -f b ] || echo >> b\nhello\n");
# Ensure command line variables are preserved properly across re-exec
# Tests for Savannah bug #30723
-include foo30723
recurse: ; @$(MAKE) -f $(MAKEFILE_LIST) RECURSE=1 test
test: ; @echo F.O=$(F.O)
foo30723: ; @touch $@
'--no-print-directory F.O=bar', "F.O=bar\n");
# This tells the test driver that the perl test script executed properly.
### Local Variables:
### eval: (setq whitespace-action (delq 'auto-cleanup whitespace-action))
### End: