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2013-10-09 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Typo fixes.
2013-10-05 Paul Smith <>
* (run_all_tests): Rewrite to be more clear.
* scripts/features/jobserver: Avoid using $ENV{HOME} as it doesn't
exist everywhere.
* scripts/features/default_names: End with 1;
* scripts/features/loadapi: Use new calling signatures. Verify
the NOEXPAND flag works. Test with all valid function name
2013-09-29 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/SHELL: Solaris /bin/sh can't handle options in
multiple words; skip that test.
* scripts/targets/ONESHELL: Ditto.
* scripts/variables/GNUMAKEFLAGS: Verify that GNUMAKEFLAGS is
cleared and options are not duplicated.
2013-09-23 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/options/print-directory: Rename dash-w to
print-directory to avoid conflicts with dash-W on case-insensitive
2013-09-22 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/se_implicit: Verify that order-only tokens
inside second expansion are parsed correctly.
Test for Savannah bug #31155.
* (set_more_defaults): If we can't find
gnumake.h based on the make program we might be running from a
remote build directory. Parse the Makefile for the right path.
Fix some test issues on Solaris.
* scripts/features/archives: Determine what output ar gives when
adding and replacing objects and compare with that.
* scripts/features/escape: Solaris /bin/sh doesn't properly handle
backslashes inside single quotes, so don't rely on it.
* scripts/features/output-sync: false(1) gives different exit
codes on different systems; use "exit 1" instead.
* scripts/features/parallelism: Increase the timeout for slower systems.
2013-09-21 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/archives: Some versions of ar (MacOSX) generate
different output when creating archives. Run it and verify the
real output.
* scripts/features/default_names: MacOSX is, like Windows,
case-preserving / case-insensitive. Redo the test to avoid
checking for "UNIX".
* (attach_default_output): Don't dup stdout into
stderr. Reported by Denis Excoffier <>
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Fix a test that behaves
differently with/without archive capability enabled.
* scripts/features/output-sync: Don't test output-sync if it's not
enabled. We also skip it if parallelism is not enabled, although
strictly speaking some of the output-sync tests are valid even
without parallelism.
* scripts/features/jobserver: Move some tests that require the
jobserver from features/parallelism to a separate suite. Only run
this if jobserver mode is enabled.
* scripts/features/output-sync: Test shell functions writing to
stderr in recipes: ensure it's captured via output-sync. Test
output generated while reading makefiles and make sure it's
captured via output-sync. Make sure that fatal errors dump the
output so it's not lost.
* scripts/options/dash-w: Add a test for -w flag.
2013-09-15 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/misc/fopen-fail: Check for failure on infinite recursion.
* (run_make_test): Allow the answer string to be
undef, which means that we shouldn't compare it at all. Only the
exit code matters in this case.
* (compare_output): Ditto.
Test for Savannah bug #27374.
* scripts/features/parallelism: Test broken jobserver on recursion.
Test for Savannah bug #39934.
* scripts/options/eval: Verify --eval during restart.
Test for Savannah bug #39203.
2013-09-14 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/output-sync: Verify -Orecurse properly.
2013-09-12 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/output-sync: Modify for output sync behavior.
* scripts/variables/MAKE_RESTARTS: Ditto.
* scripts/variables/MAKEFLAGS: Remove mode for --trace.
* scripts/variables/GNUMAKEFLAGS: Ditto.
2013-07-22 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/rule_glob: Add tests for wildcards in rules.
Test for Savannah bug #39310.
2013-07-09 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/se_implicit: Add a test for SE rules depending
on other SE rules to be built.
2013-05-26 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/archives: Test for Savannah bug #38442.
* scripts/misc/bs-nl: Test for Savannah bug #39035.
Add a test for Savannah bug #38945.
2013-05-22 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-n: Fix results after MAKEFLAGS fixes.
* scripts/variables/MAKEFLAGS: Ditto.
* scripts/variables/GNUMAKEFLAGS: Ditto.
2013-05-14 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/loadapi: Add plugin_is_GPL_compatible symbol.
* scripts/features/load: Ditto.
2013-05-13 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/output-sync (output_sync_set): Update for new
--trace behavior.
2013-05-05 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/output-sync (output_sync_set): Remove
extraneous enter/leave lines, which are no longer printed.
Add tests for syncing command line printing.
(output_sync_set): Rename options: "job"->"line"; "make"->"recurse"
2013-05-04 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/loadapi: Use the new alloc functions.
* scripts/features/output-sync (output_sync_set): New test for
ordered recursive output for -Ojob / -Otarget.
2013-05-03 Eli Zaretskii <>
* scripts/features/load: Fix signatures of testload_gmk_setup and
explicit_setup, to bring them in line with the documentation.
2013-04-28 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/output-sync (output_sync_set): Add tests for
the per-job syntax mode.
(output_sync_set): Test improved error message location.
2013-04-15 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/output-sync (output_sync_set): New arg syntax.
2013-04-14 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/output-sync: Rewrite to be more reliable.
* (_run_command): Don't set SIGALRM until after we
start the child. Print errors to the top-level output, which will
be stderr.
(attach_default_output): Use a list of file handles as the stack.
(detach_default_output): Ditto.
* scripts/features/output-sync: Add a test for output-sync.
2013-02-25 Paul Smith <>
* (valid_option): Support the -srcdir flag.
(set_more_defaults): Set up $srcdir if it's not set yet.
* scripts/functions/guile: Verify gmk-eval doesn't expand twice.
* scripts/features/load: Rework to test just the load capability.
* scripts/features/loadapi: New set of tests for the load API.
2013-01-19 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/load: Test loaded files with and without "./"
prefix. Add tests for automatically rebuilding loaded files if
they are out of date or non-existent.
2013-01-13 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/archives: Add a check targets that have parens,
but are not archives. See Savannah bug #37878.
* scripts/options/dash-n: Verify -n is preserved after recursive /
re-exec. See Savannah bug #38051.
2013-01-12 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Change rule so it doesn't depend
on invocation order, etc.
2012-10-29 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/load: New test suite for the "load" directive.
2012-09-09 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/functions/file: Get errors in the C locale, not the
current locale. Fixes Savannah bug #35764.
* scripts/features/escape: Check that backslashes before
non-special characters are not removed.
* scripts/features/utf8: New test for UTF-8 support.
See Savannah bug #36529.
* scripts/targets/POSIX: Add tests for default macro values as
specified by IEEE Std 1003.1-2008. See Savannah bug #37069.
2012-03-04 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Test $(x:%=%) format in secondary
expansion prerequisite lists. See Savannah bug #16545.
* scripts/features/escape: Test escaped ":" in prerequisite lists.
See Savannah bug #12126.
* scripts/variables/private: Test appending private variables in
pattern-specific target rules. See Savannah bug #35468.
2012-03-03 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/SHELL: Ensure .SHELLFLAGS works with options
separated by whitespace.
* scripts/targets/ONESHELL: Try .ONESHELL in combination with
whitespace-separated options in .SHELLFLAGS. See Savannah bug #35397.
* scripts/functions/filter-out: Add filter tests and test escape
operations. See Savannah bug #35410.
* guile.supp: Suppress valgrind errors from Guile
* Use the Guile suppression file.
* scripts/misc/bs-nl: Check for POSIX and non-POSIX
backslash/newline handling. Addresses Savannah bug #16670.
2012-01-29 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/flavors: Add tests for ::=
* scripts/variables/define: Ditto
* scripts/functions/file: Test the new $(file ...) function.
2012-01-12 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/functions/guile: New regression tests for Guile support.
2011-12-10 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/targets/SECONDARY: Add prereq statements to ensure rules
are printed in the right order for test #9
2011-11-14 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/double_colon: Check double-colon with escaped
filenames. See Savannah bug #33399.
2011-09-18 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: On re-exec make sure we preserve
the value of MAKEFLAGS when necessary. See Savannah bug #33873.
* scripts/features/vpath3: Verify handling of -lfoo libraries
found via vpath vs. the standard directory search.
See Savannah bug #32511.
2011-09-12 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/functions/call: Verify that using export in a $(call ...)
context creates a global variable. See Savannah bug #32498.
2011-09-02 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-n: Verify that in "-n -t", the -n takes
priority. Patch from Michael Witten <>.
2011-08-29 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/varnesting: Test resetting of variables while
expanding them. See Savannah patch #7534
2011-06-12 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/archives: Check archives with whitespace at the
beginning, end, and extra in the middle.
Another test for Savannah bug #30612.
2011-05-07 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/private: Ensure we skip private variables when
appending. Test for Savannah bug #32872.
* scripts/functions/wildcard: Verify wildcard used to test for
file existence/non-existence.
2011-05-02 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/functions/sort: Add a test for Savannah bug #33125.
2011-04-17 David A. Wheeler <>
* scripts/features/shell_assignment: Regression for "!=" feature
2010-11-06 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Fix known-good output for BS/NL changes.
* scripts/functions/call: Ditto.
* scripts/variables/special: Ditto.
* scripts/misc/bs-nl: New test suite for backslash/newline testing.
2010-08-29 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/errors: Add new error message to output text.
* scripts/variables/SHELL: Ditto.
* scripts/targets/POSIX: Ditto.
* scripts/options/dash-k: Ditto.
* scripts/features/vpathplus: Ditto.
* scripts/features/patternrules: Ditto.
* scripts/features/parallelism: Ditto.
2010-08-13 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/archives: New regression tests for archive
support. Test for fix to Savannah bug #30612.
* (set_more_defaults): Set a %FEATURES hash to
the features available in $(.FEATURES).
2010-08-10 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Ensure command line variable settings
are preserved across make re-exec. Tests Savannah bug #30723.
2010-07-28 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/targets/POSIX: Compatibility issues with Solaris (and
Tru64?); "false" returns different exit codes, and set -x shows
output with extra whitespace. Run the commands by hand first to
find out what the real shell would do, then compare what make does.
* scripts/variables/SHELL: Ditto.
2010-07-12 Paul Smith <>
* Add a new $perl_name containing the path to Perl.
* (run_make_test): Replace the special string
#PERL# in a makefile etc. with the path the Perl executable so
makefiles can use it.
* scripts/targets/ONESHELL: Add a new set of regression tests for
the .ONESHELL feature.
2010-07-06 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/SHELL: Test the new .SHELLFLAGS variable.
* scripts/targets/POSIX: New file. Test the .POSIX special target.
Verify that enabling .POSIX changes the shell flags to set -e.
2010-07-01 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/recursion: Add a space to separate command-line
args. Fixes Savannah bug #29968.
2009-11-12 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/vpath3: Test for the new library search
2009-10-06 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Enable the test for now fixed
Savannah bug 25780.
2009-10-06 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/variables/undefine: Tests for the new undefine feature.
2009-10-03 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Test for open Savannah bug #26846.
* scripts/variables/MAKE: Rewrite for new run_make_test() format.
* scripts/variables/MAKEFLAGS: Created.
Add test for Savannah bug #2216 (still open).
* scripts/features/include: Test for Savannah bug #102 (still open).
2009-09-30 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/include: Add diagnostics issuing tests for
cases where targets have been updated and failed with the
dontcare flag. Savannah bugs #15110, #25493, #12686, #17740.
2009-09-28 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/functions/shell: Add regression test for Savannah bug
#20513 (still open).
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Add regression tests for Savannah
bug #25780 (still open).
* (valid_option): Add a new flag, -all([-_]?tests)?
that runs tests we know will fail. This allows us to add
regression tests to the test suite for bugs that haven't been
fixed yet.
2009-09-28 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Add a test for the shortest
stem first order.
* scripts/features/patternrules: Add a test for the shortest stem
first order.
2009-09-24 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/se_implicit: Add a test for order-only
secondary expansion prerequisites.
2009-09-23 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/patternrules: Test that we can remove pattern
rules, both single and multiple prerequisites. Savannah bug #18622.
* scripts/features/echoing: Rework for run_make_test().
2009-06-14 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/vpath: Verify we don't get bogus circular
dependency warnings if we choose a different file via vpath during
update. Savannah bug #13529.
2009-06-13 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/MAKEFILES: Verify that MAKEFILES included
files (and files included by them) don't set the default goal.
Savannah bug #13401.
* scripts/functions/wildcard: Test that wildcards with
non-existent glob matchers return empty.
2009-06-09 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-B: Test the $? works correctly with -B.
Savannah bug #17825.
* scripts/features/patternrules: Test that dependencies of
"also_make" targets are created properly. Savannah bug #19108.
* (compare_output): Create a "run" file for failed
tests containing the command that was run.
(get_runfile): New function.
* (valid_option): Enhanced support for valgrind:
allow memcheck and massif tools.
* scripts/features/patternrules: Have to comment out a line in the
first test due to backing out a change that broke the implicit
rule search algorithm. Savannah bug #17752.
* scripts/misc/general4: Remove a test that is redundant with
* scripts/features/parallelism: Add a test for re-exec with
jobserver master override. Savannah bug #18124.
2009-06-08 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Add a test for continued target
vars after a semicolon. Savannah bug #17521.
2009-06-07 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Make sure we catch defining
prereqs during snap_deps(). Savannah bug #24622.
* scripts/variables/automatic: Check prereq ordering when the
target with the recipe has no prereqs. Savannah bug #21198.
* scripts/variables/LIBPATTERNS: Add a new set of test for
$(.LIBPATTERNS) (previously untested!)
2009-06-04 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/SHELL: The export target-specific SHELL test
has an incorrect known-good-value.
* scripts/misc/general4: Check for whitespace (ffeed, vtab, etc.)
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Add tests for Savannah bug #24588.
2009-05-31 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/DEFAULT_GOAL: Add tests for Savannah bug #25697.
* scripts/features/targetvars: Add tests of overrides for Savannah
bug #26207.
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Ditto.
* scripts/features/patternrules: Add a test for Savannah bug #26593.
2009-05-30 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/flavors: Update with new variable flavor tests.
* scripts/variables/define: Create a new set of tests for
define/endef and move those aspects of the flavors suite here.
2009-05-25 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Ditto.
* scripts/features/export: Test new variable parsing abilities.
2009-02-23 Ramon Garcia <>
* scripts/variables/private: Create a new suite of tests for 'private'.
2007-11-04 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/functions/eval: Update error message for command -> recipe.
* (compare_output): Allow the answer to be a regex,
if surrounded by '/'.
* scripts/misc/close_stdout: Use a regex for the answer, since
sometimes the error will have a description and sometimes it won't.
2007-09-10 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/special: Add tests for .RECIPEPREFIX variable.
2007-08-15 Paul Smith <>
These test cases were contributed by
Icarus Sparry <> and J. David Bryan for
Savannah bugs #3330 and #15919.
* scripts/targets/SECONDARY: Add tests for Savannah bugs 3330 and
* scripts/features/parallelism: Add tests for wrong answer/hang
combining INTERMEDIATE, order-only prereqs, and parallelism.
See Savannah bugs 3330 and 15919.
2007-07-13 Paul Smith <>
Install a timeout so tests can never loop infinitely.
Original idea and patch for a single-test version provided by
Icarus Sparry <>
* (_run_command): New function: this is called by
other functions to actually run a command. Before we run it,
install a SIGALRM handler and set up a timer to go off in the
future (default is 5s; this can be overridden by individual tests).
(run_command): Call it.
(run_command_with_output): Call it.
* (run_make_with_options): Override the default
timeout if the caller requests it.
(run_make_test): Pass any timeout override to run_make_with_options.
* scripts/features/parallelism: Increase the timeout for long tests.
* scripts/options/dash-l: Ditto.
2006-10-01 Paul Smith <>
* (set_more_defaults): Remove setting of LANG in
ENV here. This doesn't always work.
* (toplevel): Set LC_ALL to 'C' in the make
environment. Fixes Savannah bug #16698.
2006-09-30 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/automatic: Add back the test for bug #8154.
2006-04-01 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/realpath: Don't run tests with multiple
initial slashes on Windows: those paths mean something different.
2006-03-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Test that the jobserver is
properly managed when we have to re-exec the master instance of
2006-03-17 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/statipattrules: Add tests for bug #16053.
2006-03-09 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/features/escape: Use "pre:" not "p:" to avoid conflicts
with DOS drive letters. Fixes Savannah bug #15947.
* (run_each_test): Set the status properly even
when a test fails to execute. Fixes Savannah bug #15942.
* scripts/functions/foreach: Use a different environment variable
other than PATH to avoid differences with Windows platforms.
Fixes Savannah bug #15938.
2006-03-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* (set_more_defaults): Add CYGWIN_NT as a port
type W32. Fixed Savannah bug #15937.
* scripts/features/default_names: Don't call error() when the test
fails. Fixes Savannah bug #15941.
2006-02-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Test a complex construction which
guarantees that we have to merge variable lists of different
sizes. Tests for Savannah bug #15757.
2006-02-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/error: Make sure filename/lineno information
is related to where the error is expanded, not where it's set.
* scripts/functions/warning: Ditto.
* scripts/functions/foreach: Check for different error conditions.
* scripts/functions/word: Ditto.
* scripts/variables/negative: Test some variable reference failure
* scripts/options/warn-undefined-variables: Test the
--warn-undefined-variables flag.
2006-02-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* (set_more_defaults): Update valgrind support
for newer versions.
* (toplevel): Skip all hidden files/directories (ones
beginning with ".").
* scripts/functions/andor: Tests for $(and ...) and $(or ...)
2006-02-08 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Add a test for bug #15641.
2006-02-06 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-W: Add a test for bug #15341.
2006-01-03 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/variables/automatic: Add a test for bug #8154.
* README: Update to reflect the current state of the test suite.
2005-12-12 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism, scripts/functions/wildcard,
scripts/targets/FORCE, scripts/targets/PHONY,
scripts/targets/SILENT: Use the default setting for
$delete_command. Fixes bug #15085.
* (get_this_pwd) [VMS]: Use -no_ask with delete_file.
2005-12-11 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/misc/general4: Test implicit rules with '$' in the
prereq list & prereq patterns.
* scripts/features/se_implicit: Add in .SECONDEXPANSION settings.
2005-12-09 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/patternrules: Add a test for bug #13022.
2005-12-07 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/double_colon: Add a test for bug #14334.
2005-11-17 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/functions/flavor: Add a test for the flavor function.
2005-11-14 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/variables/INCLUDE_DIRS: Add a test for the .INCLUDE_DIRS
special variable.
2005-10-24 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/misc/general4: Test '$$' in prerequisites list.
* scripts/features/statipattrules: Rewrite to use run_make_test().
Add various static pattern info.
* scripts/features/se_statpat: Enable .SECONDEXPANSION target.
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Add tests for handling '$$' in
prerequisite lists with and without setting .SECONDEXPANSION.
* scripts/features/order_only: Convert to run_make_test().
* (set_more_defaults): If we can't get the value
of $(MAKE) from make, then fatal immediately.
2005-08-31 Paul D. Smith <>
* (get_this_pwd): Require the POSIX module (in
an eval to trap errors) and if it exists, use POSIX::getcwd to
find the working directory. If it doesn't exist, go back to the
previous methods. This tries to be more accurate on Windows
2005-08-29 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/abspath: Add some text to the error messages
to get a better idea of what's wrong. Make warnings instead of
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Don't use "test", which is
UNIX specific. Print the values and let the test script match
2005-08-25 Paul Smith <>
* scripts/variables/SHELL: Use a /./ prefix instead of //: the
former works better with non-UNIX environments. Fixes Savannah
bug #14129.
2005-08-13 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/functions/wildcard: Wrap calls to $(wildcard) with
$(sort) so that the resulting order is no longer filesystem-
2005-08-10 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/statipattrules: Add a test for Savannah bug #13881.
2005-08-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Add a test for a bug reported by
Michael Matz ( in which make exits without waiting
for all its children in some situations during parallel builds.
2005-07-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* Reset the environment to a clean value every
time before we invoke make. I'm suspicious that the environment
isn't handled the same way in Windows as it is in UNIX, and some
variables are leaking out beyond the tests they are intended for.
Create an %extraENV hash tests can set to add more env. vars.
* tests/scripts/features/export: Change to use %extraENV.
* tests/scripts/functions/eval: Ditto.
* tests/scripts/functions/origin: Ditto.
* tests/scripts/options/dash-e: Ditto.
* tests/scripts/variables/SHELL: Ditto.
2005-06-27 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-W: Use 'echo >>' instead of touch to update
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Rewrite to be safer on systems with
subsecond timestamps.
* scripts/features/patternrules: False exits with different error
codes on different systems (for example, Linux => 1, Solaris => 255).
* scripts/options/dash-W: Set the timestamp to foo.x in the future,
to be sure it will be considered updated when it's remade.
2005-06-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/shell: New test suite for the shell function.
2005-06-25 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/include: Test include/-include/sinclude with no
arguments. Tests fix for Savannah bug #1761.
* scripts/misc/general3: Implement comprehensive testing of
backslash-newline behavior in command scripts: various types of
quoting, fast path / slow path, etc.
Tests fix for Savannah bug #1332.
* scripts/options/symlinks: Test symlinks to non-existent files.
Tests fix for Savannah bug #13280.
* scripts/misc/general3: Test semicolons in variable references.
Tests fix for Savannah bug #1454.
* scripts/variables/MAKE_RESTARTS: New file: test the
* scripts/options/dash-B: Test re-exec doesn't loop infinitely.
Tests fix for Savannah bug #7566.
* scripts/options/dash-W: New file: test the -W flag, including
re-exec infinite looping.
2005-06-12 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/misc/close_stdout: Add a test for Savannah bug #1328.
This test only works on systems that have /dev/full (e.g., Linux).
2005-06-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/foreach: Add a test for Savannah bug #11913.
2005-05-31 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/include: Add a test for Savannah bug #13216.
* scripts/features/patternrules: Add a test for Savannah bug #13218.
2005-05-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/conditionals: Add tests for the new if... else
if... endif syntax.
2005-05-03 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/variables/DEFAULT_GOAL: Rename DEFAULT_TARGET to
2005-05-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Add a test for exporting recursive
variables containing $(shell) calls. Rewrite this script to use
run_make_test() everywhere.
2005-04-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/targets/SECONDARY: Add a test for Savannah bug #12331.
2005-03-15 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/variables/automatic: Add a test for Savannah bug #12320.
2005-03-10 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/patternrules: Add a test for Savannah bug #12267.
2005-03-09 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/variables/DEFAULT_TARGET: Add a test for Savannah
bug #12266.
2005-03-04 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/patternrules: Add a test for Savannah bug #12202.
2005-03-03 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/se_implicit: Add a test for stem
termination bug. Add a test for stem triple-expansion bug.
* scripts/features/se_statpat: Add a test for stem
triple-expansion bug.
* scripts/features/statipattrules: Change test #4 to reflect
new way empty prerequisite list is handled.
2005-03-01 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/statipattrules: Add a test for
Savannah bug #12180.
2005-02-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-q: Add a test for Savannah bug # 7144.
* scripts/options/symlinks: New file to test checking of symlink
timestamps. Can't use filename dash-L because it conflicts with
dash-l on case-insensitive filesystems.
* scripts/variables/MAKEFILE_LIST, scripts/variables/MFILE_LIST:
Rename MAKEFILE_LIST test to MFILE_LIST, for systems that need 8.3
unique filenames.
2005-02-28 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/variables/DEFAULT_TARGET: Test the .DEFAULT_TARGET
special variable.
2005-02-27 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/se_explicit: Test the second expansion in
explicit rules.
* scripts/features/se_implicit: Test the second expansion in
implicit rules.
* scripts/features/se_statpat: Test the second expansion in
static pattern rules.
* scripts/variables/automatic: Fix to work with the second
* scripts/misc/general4: Add a test for bug #12091.
2005-02-27 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/eval: Check that eval of targets within
command scripts fails. See Savannah bug # 12124.
2005-02-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* (compare_output): If a basic comparison of the
log and answer doesn't match, try harder: change all backslashes
to slashes and all CRLF to LF. This helps on DOS/Windows systems.
2005-02-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/recursion: Test command line variable settings:
only one instance of a given variable should be provided.
2004-11-30 Boris Kolpackov <>
* tests/scripts/functions/abspath: New file: test `abspath'
built-in function.
* tests/scripts/functions/realpath: New file: test `realpath'
built-in function.
2004-11-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-C [WINDOWS32]: Add a test for bug #10252;
this doesn't really test anything useful in UNIX but...
* scripts/variables/SHELL: New file: test proper handling of SHELL
according to POSIX rules. Fixes bug #1276.
2004-10-21 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/functions/word: Test $(firstword ) and $(lastword ).
2004-10-05 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Test simple/recursive
variable expansion.
2004-09-28 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/include: Test dontcare flag inheritance
when rebuilding makefiles.
2004-09-27 Boris Kolpackov <>
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Test exported variables.
2004-09-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* (run_make_test): Don't add newlines to the
makestring or answer if they are completely empty.
* scripts/features/patternrules: Rename from implicit_prereq_eval.
* scripts/test_template: Rework the template.
2004-09-21 Boris Kolpackov <>
* Change `#!/usr/local/bin/perl' to be
`#!/usr/bin/env perl'.
* scripts/features/implicit_prereq_eval: Test implicit rule
prerequisite evaluation code.
2004-09-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* (run_make_test): Enhance to allow the make
string to be undef: in that case it reuses the previous make
string. Allows multiple tests on the same makefile.
* scripts/variables/flavors: Add some tests for prefix characters
interacting with define/endef variables.
2004-09-20 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/substitution: Rewrite to use run_make_test()
interface, and add test for substitution failures reported by
Markus Mauhart <>.
2004-03-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* (run_each_test, toplevel, compare_output): Change
to track both the testing categories _AND_ the number of
individual tests, and report both sets of numbers.
2004-02-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/origin: Set our own environment variable
rather than relying on $HOME.
2004-01-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/conditionals: Test arguments to ifn?def which
contain whitespace (such as a function that is evaluated). Bug
2004-01-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/order_only: Test order-only prerequisites in
pattern rules (patch #2349).
2003-11-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/if: Test if on conditionals with trailing
whitespace--bug #5798.
* scripts/functions/eval: Test eval in a non-file context--bug #6195.
2003-04-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Test multiple patterns
matching the same target--Bug #1405.
2003-04-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* (set_more_defaults): A new $port_type of
'OS/2' for (surprise!) OS/2. Also choose a wait time of 2 seconds
for OS/2.
2003-03-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/targets/SECONDARY: Test the "global" .SECONDARY (with
not prerequisites)--Bug #2515.
2003-01-30 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Test very long target-specific
variable definition lines (longer than the default make buffer
length). Tests patch # 1022.
* scripts/functions/eval: Test very recursive $(eval ...) calls
with simple variable expansion (bug #2238).
* scripts/functions/word: Test error handling for word and
wordlist functions (bug #2407).
2003-01-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/call: Test recursive argument masking (bug
2002-10-25 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/eval: Test using $(eval ...) inside
conditionals (Bug #1516).
2002-10-14 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-t: Add a test for handling -t on targets
with no commands (Bug #1418).
2002-10-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Add a test for exporting
target-specific vars (Bug #1391).
2002-10-05 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/variables/automatic: Add tests for $$(@), $${@}, $${@D},
and $${@F}.
2002-09-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/escape: Test handling of escaped comment
characters in targets and prerequisites.
2002-09-18 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/export: Test export/unexport of multiple
variables in a single command.
2002-09-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Tests for Bug #940: test
target-specific and pattern-specific variables in conjunction with
double-colon targets.
2002-09-10 Paul D. Smith <>
* (compare_output): Match the new format for time
skew error messages.
* scripts/features/export: Created. Add tests for export/unexport
capabilities, including exporting/unexporting expanded variables.
* scripts/features/conditionals: Add a test for expanded variables
in ifdef conditionals.
2002-09-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Change touch/sleep combos to utouch
* scripts/features/vpathgpath: Ditto.
* scripts/features/vpathplus: Ditto.
* scripts/options/dash-n: Ditto.
* scripts/targets/INTERMEDIATE: Ditto.
* scripts/targets/SECONDARY: Ditto.
* scripts/options/dash-t: Added a test for the -t bug fixed by
Henning Makholm. This test was also contributed by Henning.
* scripts/misc/general4: Add a test suite for obscure algorithmic
features of make. First test: make sure creation subdirectories
as prerequisites of targets works properly.
* scripts/misc/version: Remove this bogus test.
2002-08-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/misc/general3: Add a test for makefiles that don't end
in newlines.
* scripts/variables/special: Create tests for the special
variables (.VARIABLES and .TARGETS). Comment out .TARGETS test
for now as it's not yet supported.
2002-08-01 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-B: Add a test for the new -B option.
2002-07-11 Paul D. Smith <>
* (valid_option): Add support for Valgrind. Use
-valgrind option to the test suite.
(set_more_defaults): Set up the file descriptor to capture
Valgrind output. We have to unset its close-on-exec flag; we
hardcode the value for F_SETFD (2) rather than load it; hopefully
this will help us avoid breaking the Windows/DOS test suite.
2002-07-10 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/variables/automatic: Add some tests for $$@, $$(@D), and
* (utouch): Create a new function that creates a
file with a specific timestamp offset. Use of this function will
let us avoid lots of annoying sleep() invocations in the tests
just to get proper timestamping, which will make the tests run a
lot faster. So far it's only used in the automatic test suite.
2002-07-09 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/variables/automatic: Create a test for automatic variables.
2002-07-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/order_only: Test new order-only prerequisites.
2002-07-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/eval: Test new function.
* scripts/functions/value: Test new function.
* scripts/variables/MAKEFILE_LIST: Test new variable.
2002-04-28 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/call: New test: transitive closure
implementation using $(call ...) to test variable recursion.
2002-04-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* (compare_dir_tree): Ignore CVS and RCS
directories in the script directories.
2001-05-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/variables/flavors: Test define/endef scripts where only
one of the command lines is quiet.
2000-06-22 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-q: New file; test the -q option. Includes
a test for PR/1780.
2000-06-21 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Added a test for PR/1709: allowing
semicolons in target-specific variable values.
2000-06-19 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/addsuffix: Test for an empty final argument.
Actually this bug might have happened for any function, but this
one was handy.
2000-06-17 Eli Zaretskii <>
* scripts/options/general: If parallel jobs are not supported,
expect a warning message from Make.
2000-06-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* scripts/options/general: Don't try -jN with N != 1 if parallel
jobs are not supported.
2000-05-24 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/general: Test general option processing (PR/1716).
2000-04-11 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/strip: Test empty value to strip (PR/1689).
2000-04-08 Eli Zaretskii <>
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Sleep before updating the target
files in the first test, to ensure its time stamp really gets
newer; otherwise Make might re-exec more than once.
2000-04-07 Eli Zaretskii <>
* scripts/features/double_colon: Don't run the parallel tests if
parallel jobs aren't supported.
2000-04-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/word: wordlist doesn't swap arguments anymore.
2000-03-27 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/statipattrules: Test that static pattern rules
whose prerequisite patterns resolve to empty strings throw an
error (instead of dumping core). Fixes PR/1670.
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Make more robust by touching "b"
first, to ensure it's not newer than "a".
Reported by Marco Franzen <>.
* scripts/options/dash-n: Ditto.
* scripts/functions/call: Whoops. The fix to PR/1527 caused
recursive invocations of $(call ...) to break. I can't come up
with any way to get both working at the same time, so I backed out
the fix to 1527 and added a test case for recursive calls. This
also tests the fix for PR/1610.
* scripts/features/double_colon: Test that circular dependencies
in double-colon rule sets are detected correctly (PR/1671).
2000-03-26 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/targets/INTERMEDIATE: Test that make doesn't remove
.INTERMEDIATE files when given on the command line (PR/1669).
2000-03-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-k: Add a test for error detection by
multiple targets depending on the same prerequisite with -k.
For PR/1634.
2000-02-07 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/escape: Add a test for backslash-escaped spaces
in a target name (PR/1586).
2000-02-04 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/patspecific_vars: Add a test for pattern-specific
target variables inherited from the parent target (PR/1407).
2000-02-02 Paul D. Smith <>
* (set_more_defaults): Hard-code the LANG to C
to make sure sorting order, etc. is predictable.
Reported by Andreas Jaeger <>.
* (set_more_defaults): Set the $wtime variable
depending on the OS. Eli Zaretskii <> reports
this seems to need to be *4* on DOS/Windows, not just 2. Keep it
1 for other systems.
* scripts/features/vpathplus (touchfiles): Use the $wtime value
instead of hardcoding 2.
* scripts/targets/SECONDARY: Ditto.
* scripts/targets/INTERMEDIATE: Ditto.
2000-01-27 Paul D. Smith <>
* (toplevel): Don't try to run test scripts which
are really directories.
2000-01-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/include: Remove a check; the fix caused more
problems than the error, so I removed it and removed the test for
2000-01-11 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/call: Add a test for PR/1517 and PR/1527: make
sure $(call ...) doesn't eval its arguments and that you can
invoke foreach from it without looping forever.
1999-12-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/targets/INTERMEDIATE: Add a test for PR/1423: make sure
.INTERMEDIATE settings on files don't disable them as implicit
intermediate possibilities.
1999-12-01 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/double_colon: Add a test for PR/1476: Try
double-colon rules as non-goal targets and during parallel builds
to make sure they're handled serially.
1999-11-17 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/functions/if: Add a test for PR/1429: put some text
after an if-statement to make sure it works.
* scripts/features/targetvars: Add a test for PR/1380: handling +=
in target-specific variable definitions correctly.
1999-10-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/variables/MAKEFILES: This was really broken: it didn't
test anything at all, really. Rewrote it, plus added a test for
1999-10-13 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/options/dash-n: Add a test for PR/1379: "-n doesn't
behave properly when used with recursive targets".
1999-10-08 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/targetvars: Add a check for PR/1378:
"Target-specific vars don't inherit correctly"
1999-09-29 Paul D. Smith <>
* (get_osname): Change $fancy_file_names to
$short_filenames and reverse the logic.
(run_each_test): Change test of non-existent $port_host to use
$short_filenames--problem reported by Eli Zaretskii.
1999-09-23 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/parallelism: Add a check to ensure that the
jobserver works when we re-invoke. Also cleaned up the tests a
little, reducing the number of rules we use so the test won't need
as many "sleep" commands.
1999-09-16 Paul D. Smith <>
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Remove invocations of "touch" in
makefiles. See the comments on the touch function rewrite below.
Note that UNIX touch behaves the same way if the file already
exists: it sets the time to the _local_ time. We don't want
this. This is probably a good tip for makefile writers in
general, actually... where practical.
* scripts/options/dash-l: Ditto.
* scripts/options/dash-n: Ditto.
* (run_each_test): In retrospect, I don't like the
.lN/.bN/.dN postfix required by DOS. So, for non-DOS systems I
changed it back to use .log, .base, and .diff.
* (set_more_defaults): Move the check for the
make pathname to here from set_defaults (that's too early since it
happens before the command line processing).
Create a new variable $port_type, calculated from $osname, to
specify what kind of system we're running on. We should integrate
the VOS stuff here, too.
(valid_option): Comment out the workdir/-work stuff so people
won't be fooled into thinking it works... someone needs to fix
this, though!
* scripts/functions/origin: Use $port_type instead of $osname.
* scripts/functions/foreach: Ditto.
* scripts/features/default_names: Ditto.
1999-09-15 Paul D. Smith <>
* (touch): Rewrite this function. Previously it
used to use utime() to hard-set the time based on the current
local clock, or, if the file didn't exist, it merely created it.
This mirrors exactly what real UNIX touch does, but it fails badly
on networked filesystems where the FS server clock is skewed from
the local clock: normally modifying a file causes it to get a mod
time based on the _server's_ clock. Hard-setting it based on the
_local_ clock causes gratuitous errors and makes the tests
unreliable except on local filesystems. The new function will
simply modify the file, allowing the filesystem to set the mod
time as it sees fit.
* scripts/features/parallelism: The second test output could
change depending on how fast some scripts completed; use "sleep"
to force the order we want.
* (toplevel): A bug in Perl 5.000 to Perl 5.004
means that "%ENV = ();" doesn't do the right thing. This worked
in Perl 4 and was fixed in Perl 5.004_01, but use a loop to delete
the environment rather than require specific versions.
* (set_more_defaults): Don't use Perl 5 s///
modifier "s", so the tests will run with Perl 4.
(set_more_defaults): Set $pure_log to empty if there's no -logfile
(setup_for_test): Don't remove any logs unless $pure_log is set.
1999-09-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* scripts/features/reinvoke: Put the SHELL definition in the right
test makefile.
1999-09-15 Paul D. Smith <>
ChangeLog file for the test suite created.
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