[DebugInfo] Stop changing labels for register-described parameter DBG_VALUEs

This is a follow-up to D57510. This patch stops DebugHandlerBase from
changing the starting label for the first non-overlapping,
register-described parameter DBG_VALUEs to the beginning of the
function. That code did not consider what defined the registers, which
could result in the ranges for the debug values starting before their
defining instructions. We currently do not emit debug values for
constant values directly at the start of the function, so this code is
still useful for such values, but my intention is to remove the code
from DebugHandlerBase completely when we get there. One reason for
removing it is that the code violates the history map's ranges, which I
think can make it quite confusing when troubleshooting.

In D57510, PrologEpilogInserter was amended so that parameter DBG_VALUEs
now are kept at the start of the entry block, even after emission of
prologue code. That was done to reduce the degradation of debug
completeness from this patch. PR40638 is another example, where the
lexical-scope trimming that LDV does, in combination with scheduling,
results in instructions after the prologue being left without locations.
There might be other cases where the DBG_VALUEs are pushed further down,
for which the DebugHandlerBase code may be helpful, but as it now quite
often result in incorrect locations, even after the prologue, it seems
better to remove that code, and try to work our way up with accurate

In the long run we should maybe not aim to provide accurate locations
inside the prologue. Some single location descriptions, at least those
referring to stack values, generate inaccurate values inside the
epilogue, so we maybe should not aim to achieve accuracy for location
lists. However, it seems that we now emit line number programs that can
result in GDB and LLDB stopping inside the prologue when doing line
number stepping into functions. See PR40188 for more information.

A summary of some of the changed test cases is available in PR40188#c2.

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