Install new LLVM license structure and new developer policy.

This installs the new developer policy and moves all of the license
files across all LLVM projects in the monorepo to the new license
structure. The remaining projects will be moved independently.

Note that I've left odd formatting and other idiosyncracies of the
legacy license structure text alone to make the diff easier to read.
Critically, note that we do not in any case *remove* the old license
notice or terms, as that remains necessary until we finish the
relicensing process.

I've updated a few license files that refer to the LLVM license to
instead simply refer generically to whatever license the LLVM project is
under, basically trying to minimize confusion.

This is really the culmination of so many people. Chris led the
community discussions, drafted the policy update and organized the
multi-year string of meeting between lawyers across the community to
figure out the strategy. Numerous lawyers at companies in the community
spent their time figuring out initial answers, and then the Foundation's
lawyer Heather Meeker has done *so* much to help refine and get us ready
here. I could keep going on, but I just want to make sure everyone
realizes what a huge community effort this has been from the begining.

Differential Revision:

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