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Visitor plugin sample

This plugin allows to count the number of postfix operations (either <expr>++ or <expr>--) that exist in the code by visiting the internal representation of every method. That number is then reported to the user.

This plugin introduces the following concepts of Jack:

  • Plugin
  • Schedulables
  • Marker
  • Feature
  • Visitor
  • User message reporting

Fetch the code

This plugin is hosted in the Jack development branch in AOSP. You can follow the instructions at to setup your machine then execute the following commands

mkdir <jack_project_dir>
cd <jack_project_dir>
repo init -u -b ub-jack
repo sync

where <jack_project_dir> is the directory where you want to download the Jack repository.

Build the plugin

First you need to initialize the plugin's local dependencies with the following commands

cd toolchain/jack
ant dist
cd jack-samples

Then you can build the plugin using Gradle with the following commands

cd jack-visitor-plugin

The plugin .jar file is located at build/libs/jack-visitor-plugin.jar.

Execute the plugin

The plugin's name is Here is an example of command-line to compile source files with this plugin.

java -jar dist/jack.jar
 --pluginpath jack-samples/jack-visitor-plugin/build/libs/jack-visitor-plugin.jar
 --verbose info --output-dex=<dex_dir> <source_files>

where <dex_dir> is the directory where the classes.dex file is generated and <source_files> are the source files to be compiled.

You can take a look at the Jack's command-line usage with

java -jar dist/jack.jar --help