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args4j is a small Java class library that makes it easy to parse command line options/arguments in your CUI application.
Why should I use it?
See {{{}my quick intro}}.
* It makes command line parsing very easy by using annotations
* Generate usage text very easily
* Generate HTML/XML documentation listing all options
* Full localization support
* Designed to parse <<<javac>>> like options, as opposed to GNU-style (where <<<ls -lR>>> is considered to have two options <<<l>>> and <<<R>>>).
* Licensed under {{{}the MIT license}}.
How can I use it?
[[1]] Check {{{}the sample}}. This is how your code will look like.
[[1]] {{{}Download}} the distribution or include the library from the Maven Repository at
[[1]] Write your code.
More Resources
[[1]] {{{./sample.html}A small tutorial}} for the use of the Starter and Args4J
[[1]] {{{./args4j/apidocs/}javadoc}}
[[1]] {{{./apt.html}How to generate a documentation for your CLI}}
[[1]] {{{./implementOptionhandler.html}Extend args4j to handle other Java types}}
[[1]] {{{}Kohsuke's Blog: Parsing command line options in JDK 5.0 style}}
[[1]] {{{}A comparison between Commons CLI and Args4j}} in French