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* name space of JUnit4 is org.junit
* JUnit4 requires J2SE 5.0
leverage J2SE 5.0 features
* @Test annotation
@Test(timeout= 1000)
* @Ignore(reason= "...")
* @Before, @After setup/teardown
* @BeforeClass, @AfterClass one-time setup/teardown
* provide ForwardCompatibility so that existing test Runners can
run JUnit4 tests:
public static junit.framework.Test suite() {
return new JUnit4TestAdapter(ListTest.class);
* add assertEquals(Object[], Object[])
* Add backward compatibility for old JUnit tests in the new Runner
* support the assert keyword and use AssertionError
* remove the old graphical runners
* simplify: get rid of failures and errors distinction
* Annotation for runner strategy
* Parameterized test
* Should RunNotifier be API?
* Runner should be abstract class.
* Run single method with @BeforeClass and @AfterClass
* Stopping a test run (there was support for this in 3.8 - TestResult.shouldStop())
* Suite annotation example:
@Suite(tests={MoneyTest.class, SimpleTest.class})
or with filters
* be able to run all tests simply from the command line
* get rid of JUnit4TestCaseAdapter (use JUnit4RunnerStrategy in JUnit4TestAdapter)
* enable tighter and more flexible IDE integration
* enable test reordering/prioritization
* test categorization & filtering (<- seems like a runner issue) @Category(short, integration) @Test(category=windowsOnly)
* make sure TestListener is symmetric and meets needs of runner developers
* TestRunEvent
* Decide how we ship JUnit-- 1.5 only or hybrid
* README.html
* add javadoc to API interfaces and Annotations
* Merge branch back into head
* review Ant scripts
* make suites simpler for both the IDE providers and the users
* ClassRequest should search up the hierarchy for the requested Class to look for @RunWith