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# This script checks the java version and bails if it's less
# than Java6 (because we use @Override annotations on interface
# overriding methods. It then proceeds to do a maven build that
# first cleans, then builds the normal lifecycle through compilation
# unit testing (if available) up to packaging. It then packages
# the source, javadocs, and maven site. It then signs the
# artifacts with whatever pgp signature is the default of the
# user executing it, and then deploys to the repository contained
# in the distributionManagement section of the pom.
# author: (Christian Edward Gruber)
if [[ -n ${JAVA_HOME} ]] ; then
java_version="$(${JAVA_CMD} -version 2>&1 | grep -e 'java version' | awk '{ print $3 }')"
# This test sucks, but it's short term
# TODO(cgruber) strip the quotes and patch version and do version comparison.
greater_than_java5="$(echo ${java_version} | grep -e '^"1.[67]')"
if [[ -z ${greater_than_java5} ]] ; then
echo "Your java version is ${java_version}."
echo "You must use at least a java 6 JVM to build and deploy this software."
exit 1
echo "Building with java ${java_version}"
if [[ $# > 0 ]]; then
params+=" -Dgpg.keyname=${1}"
gpg_sign_plugin=" gpg:sign"
cmd="mvn clean package source:jar site:jar javadoc:jar ${gpg_sign_plugin} deploy ${params}"
echo "Executing ${cmd}"