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<title>Args4J changes</title>
<author email="">Kohsuke Kawaguchi</author>
<author email="">Jan Materne</author>
<author email="">Mark Sinke</author>
<release version="2.0.16">
<action dev="jhm" type="add">New MetadataParser (FieldParser) which makes all fields available by their name</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">'annotate' a class via XML instead of Java5</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">Prepare for alternative 'markup' (instead of Annotations)</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">Make CmdLineParser.addOption / addArgument public for alternatives to parsing class files.</action>
<release version="2.0.10">
<action dev="jhm" type="fix" issue="10">
Enum with many/long values result in StringIndexOutOfBoundsException CmdLineParser.printUsage / printOption
<action dev="jhm">Rewrite the printOptions with a hook for line wrapping on word borders</action>
<release version="2.0.9" date="2008-06-16" description="Next version after a long time">
<action dev="jhm" type="add">Support of all Java native types</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">Support of java.util.Map</action>
<release version="2.0.8" date="2007-05-28" description="Bug-Fixes and Clean-up">
<action dev="jhm" type="fix" issue="5">Option without "usage" are hidden.</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="fix" issue="4">Better usage output for Java5 enums.</action>
<release version="2.0.7" date="2006-08-15" description="fixed a packaging problem">
<action dev="kohsuke" type="fix">Fixed a packaging error where APT service entry was in args4j.jar</action>
<release version="2.0.6" date="2006-04-05" description="document improvements and few more features">
<action dev="jhm" type="add">add a changes document (this)</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">add a starter class</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">a short manual</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">args4j is running on Gump</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="fix" issue="3">allow to specify the console width for wrapping the usage message</action>
<release version="2.0.5" date="2006-02-15" description="tests, few more features">
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">implemented the stop option <code>--</code> </action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="update">modified test cases to use generics to avoid casting</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">check the usage messages in the test cases</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">test the inheritance of annotations</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="update">usage info for the -custom option and use of that data inside the SampleMain</action>
<release version="2.0.4" date="2006-01-29" description="tests, few more features">
<action dev="jhm" type="add">more test cases</action>
<action dev="jhm" type="add">tried to rebuild the Apache Ant command line interface in SampleAnt</action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">expanded @Option to allow a Handler to be explicitly specified</action>
<release version="2.0.3" date="2006-01-13" description="tests, few more features">
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">add DoubleOptionHandler</action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">a few test cases</action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="fix" issue="2">printExample provides the ability to generate list of available parameters with usage samples</action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="fix" issue="1">handle mandatory options</action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">fully supports localization</action>
<release version="2.0.1" date="2005-05-12" description="few more features">
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">implemented metavariable support</action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="update">split out args4j-tools</action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">implemented a case-insensitive search</action>
<release version="2.0.0" date="2005-05-11" description="Move to">
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">moving the repository from SourceForge <code></code> </action>
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">implemented args4j 2.0</action>
<release version="1.0-RC" datei="2003-10-01" description="Initial release">
<action dev="kohsuke" type="add">initial release</action>