[release-branch.go1.12] text/template: error on method calls on nil interfaces

Trying to call a method on a nil interface is a panic in Go. For

	var stringer fmt.Stringer
	println(stringer.String()) // nil pointer dereference

In https://golang.org/cl/143097 we started recovering panics encountered
during function and method calls. However, we didn't handle this case,
as text/template panics before evalCall is ever run.

In particular, reflect's MethodByName will panic if the receiver is of
interface kind and nil:

	panic: reflect: Method on nil interface value

Simply add a check for that edge case, and have Template.Execute return
a helpful error. Note that Execute shouldn't just error if the interface
contains a typed nil, since we're able to find a method to call in that

Finally, add regression tests for both the nil and typed nil interface

Fixes #30464.

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