[release-branch.go1.12] cmd/go: avoid link errors when -coverpkg covers main packages

The -coverpkg lets users specify a list of packages that should have
coverage instrumentation. This may include packages not transitively
imported by tests. For each tested package, the synthetic main package
imports all covered packages so they can be registered with
testing.RegisterCover. This makes it possible for a main package to
import another main package.

When we compile a package with p.Internal.BuildInfo set (set on main
packages by Package.load in module mode), we set
runtime/debug.modinfo. Multiple main packages may be passed to the
linker because of the above scenario, so this causes duplicate symbol

This change copies p.Internal.BuildInfo to the synthetic main package
instead of the internal test package. Additionally, it forces main
packages imported by the synthetic test main package to be recompiled
for testing. Recompiled packages won't have p.Internal.BuildInfo set.

Fixes #30684

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