CONTRIBUTORS: second round of updates for Go 1.12

This update has been automatically generated using the updatecontrib
command at CL 160277:

	cd gotip
	go run

Actions taken (relative to CONTRIBUTORS at origin/master):

	Added Aaron Cannon <>
	Added Andzej Maciusovic <>
	Added Douglas Danger Manley <>
	Added Federico Bond <>
	Added Frew Schmidt <>
	Added GitHub User @saitarunreddy (21041941) <>
	Added GitHub User @tell-k (26263) <>
	Added Guilherme Caruso <>
	Added Jay Taylor <>
	Added Juan Pablo Civile <>
	Added Julien Kauffmann <>
	Added Maya Rashish <>
	Added Parminder Singh <>
	Added Peter Dotchev <>
	Added Quinten Yearsley <>
	Added Ross Smith II <>
	Added Sean Chen <>
	Added Sebastiaan van Stijn <>
	Added Sebastian Schmidt <>
	Added Sebastien Williams-Wynn <>
	Added Viacheslav Poturaev <>
	Added Yohei Takeda <>
	Used GitHub User @saitarunreddy (21041941) form for saitarunreddy <> [build]
	Used GitHub User @tell-k (26263) form for tell-k <> [tools]
	Used GitHub name "Akhil Indurti" for smasher164 <> [build go]
	Used GitHub name "Guilherme Caruso" for GuilhermeCaruso <> [go]
	Used GitHub name "Ivan Markin" for nogoegst <> [go]
	Used GitHub name "Keiji Yoshida" for yosssi <> [lint]
	Used GitHub name "Marwan Sulaiman" for marwan-at-work <> [go]
	Used GitHub name "Michalis Kargakis" for kargakis <> [go]
	Used GitHub name "Robin Eklind" for mewmew <> [go proposal.git]
	Used GitHub name "Sean Chen" for two <> [sys]
	Used GitHub name "Sebastien Williams-Wynn" for GiantsLoveDeathMetal <> [go]
	Used GitHub name "Yohei Takeda" for yo-tak <> [go]

Given that the scope of updatecontrib is only to add contributors to
CONTRIBUTORS file, without having to check CLAs or deal with legal
matters, we can relax the requirement of having a space in the name
before it gets added to the CONTRIBUTORS file. That will be done
in a later change.

Updates #12042

Change-Id: I70248f3c82a836ee829256898e931e638ee45eb4
Reviewed-by: Brad Fitzpatrick <>
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