1. 604793e Delete old versions of cloog. by Dan Albert · 4 years, 1 month ago master ndk-r11-release ndk-r12-release ndk-r13-release ndk-r14-release ndk-r15-release ndk-release-r16 ndk-release-r17 ndk-release-r18 ndk-release-r19 ndk-release-r20 ndk-r11 ndk-r11b ndk-r11c ndk-r12-beta1 ndk-r12-beta2 ndk-r12b ndk-r13 ndk-r13-beta1 ndk-r13-beta2 ndk-r14 ndk-r14-beta1 ndk-r14-beta2 ndk-r15-beta1 ndk-r15-beta2 ndk-r16 ndk-r16-beta1 ndk-r16-beta2 ndk-r17 ndk-r17-beta1 ndk-r17-beta2 ndk-r17b ndk-r18-beta1 ndk-r18-beta2 ndk-r18b ndk-r19 ndk-r19-beta1 ndk-r19-beta2 ndk-r19b ndk-r19c ndk-r20 ndk-r20-beta1 ndk-r20-beta2 ndk-r20-beta3
  2. 98972d5 MinGW-w64 build fix (lacks ffs declaration) by Ray Donnelly · 6 years ago
  3. dff798b Unpack cloog-*.tar.gz and remove the archives by Ray Donnelly · 6 years ago
  4. 7527888 add cloog-0.18.0.tar.gz by Andrew Hsieh · 6 years ago
  5. b522ece add cloog-0.17.0.tar.gz by Andrew Hsieh · 7 years ago
  6. 9efba6d add cloog-0.16.3.tar.gz by Andrew Hsieh · 7 years ago
  7. abab607 Initial empty commit by Jean-Baptiste Queru · 7 years ago