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#include <isl/space.h>
/* pos maps original dimensions to new dimensions.
* The final dimension is given by dim.
* The number of dimensions (i.e., the range of values) in the result
* may be larger than the number of dimensions in the input.
* In particular, the possible values of the entries in pos ranges from 0 to
* the total dimension of dim - 1, unless isl_reordering_extend
* has been called.
struct isl_reordering {
int ref;
isl_space *dim;
unsigned len;
int pos[1];
typedef struct isl_reordering isl_reordering;
__isl_give isl_reordering *isl_parameter_alignment_reordering(
__isl_keep isl_space *alignee, __isl_keep isl_space *aligner);
__isl_give isl_reordering *isl_reordering_copy(__isl_keep isl_reordering *exp);
void *isl_reordering_free(__isl_take isl_reordering *exp);
__isl_give isl_reordering *isl_reordering_extend_space(
__isl_take isl_reordering *exp, __isl_take isl_space *dim);
__isl_give isl_reordering *isl_reordering_extend(__isl_take isl_reordering *exp,
unsigned extra);