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#include <isl/band.h>
#include <isl/list.h>
#include <isl/schedule.h>
#include <isl/union_map.h>
/* Information about a band within a schedule.
* n is the number of scheduling dimensions within the band.
* zero is an array of length n, indicating whether a scheduling dimension
* results in zero dependence distances for the proximity dependences.
* map is the partial map corresponding to this band.
* schedule is the schedule that contains this band.
* parent is the parent of this band (or NULL if the band is a root).
* children are the children of this band (or NULL if the band is a leaf).
* To avoid circular dependences in the reference counting,
* the schedule and parent pointers are not reference counted.
* isl_band_copy increments the reference count of schedule to ensure
* that outside references to the band keep the schedule alive.
struct isl_band {
int ref;
int n;
int *zero;
isl_union_map *map;
isl_schedule *schedule;
isl_band *parent;
isl_band_list *children;