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  1. b7c337a Don't produce redundant parentheses warning for "A (::B);" and the like. by Richard Smith · 4 weeks ago master
  2. 0a6195a [ThreadSafetyAnalysis] Fix isCapabilityExpr by Yi Kong · 5 weeks ago
  3. 1d454ef CodeGenCXX: no default dllimport storage for mingw by Martell Malone · 3 months ago
  4. 0659c9e Switch CPU names not recognized by GNU assembler by Pirama Arumuga Nainar · 8 weeks ago
  5. f7bcfde [CodeGen] Fix generation of TBAA info for array-to-pointer conversions by Ivan A. Kosarev · 3 months ago
  6. 1c4bd6a Merge 53df1a5045c for LLVM update to 316199 by Yi Kong · 10 weeks ago
  7. 607ce8b Revert to r305632 by Yi Kong · 10 weeks ago
  8. a6f105c Add tools/extra symlink to toolchain/clang-tools-extra. by Stephen Hines · 2 months ago
  9. b700865 Revert "Revert "Revert "Revert "Fix LLVMgold plugin name/path for non-Linux."""" by Dan Albert · 5 months ago
  10. 53df1a5 Revert r316193. by Richard Smith · 3 months ago
  11. cc28d36 Try to shorten system header paths when using -MD depfiles by Peter Wu · 3 months ago
  12. 22b25a6 These attributes are not supported by GCC and should not be in the gnu namespace. Switching from the GCC spelling to the GNU spelling so that they are only supported with __attribute__(()). by Aaron Ballman · 3 months ago
  13. 65f011e These attributes are supported by GCC with the gnu vendor namespace for C++11-style attributes. Enabling the gnu namespace by switching to the GCC spelling. by Aaron Ballman · 3 months ago
  14. 2178f1e AMDGPU: Parse r600 CPU name early and expose FMAF capability by Jan Vesely · 3 months ago
  15. 65729be [CGExprScalar] Add missing types in function GetIntrinsic by Guozhi Wei · 3 months ago
  16. 73f05d5 [Sema] Fix assertion failure when checking for unused variables in a dependent context. by Benjamin Kramer · 3 months ago
  17. 9d5150b Fix nodiscard for volatile references by Erich Keane · 3 months ago
  18. a16acc3 [AMDGPU] Fix bug in enqueued block codegen due to an extra line by Yaxun Liu · 3 months ago
  19. 3c5f570 [analyzer] Dump signed integers in SymIntExpr and IntSymExpr correctly by Gabor Horvath · 3 months ago
  20. 9d48724 Fix a few nits in RenamingAction. by Haojian Wu · 3 months ago