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  1. 00e4a5a [CodeGen][ARM] ARM runtime helper functions are not always soft-fp by Peter Smith · 3 months ago master
  2. a8a2b29 [Sema] Make BreakContinueFinder handle nested loops. by Eli Friedman · 4 months ago
  3. 679c32e Revert r301742, which caused us to try to evaluate all full-expressions. by Richard Smith · 4 months ago
  4. 025a39c [Clang] Handle interaction of -pg and no_instrument_function attribute. by Manoj Gupta · 4 months ago
  5. 4746ed7 Fix crash parsing invalid code by Olivier Goffart · 3 months ago
  6. 8d8dd60 Introduce -nostdlib++ flag to disable linking the C++ standard library. by Nico Weber · 3 months ago
  7. b4e6414 Add support for Ananas platform by Ed Schouten · 4 months ago
  8. 9ded2a6 Switch to consumeError(), since this can crash otherwise. by Stephen Hines · 9 weeks ago
  9. be25a74 [clang] Change the condition of unnecessary packed warning by Yan Wang · 3 months ago
  10. fdd4dae add OWNERS in toolchain/llvm/tools/clang by Chih-Hung Hsieh · 8 weeks ago
  11. 7db42f0 [clang] buildFixItInsertionLine should use Hints of the same FID and LineNo by Chih-Hung Hsieh · 3 months ago
  12. 2339d03 Merge 30060bff5b for LLVM update to 305632 by Leo Li · 4 months ago
  13. 0535de9 Revert "Use default ref capture to simplify local lambdas, use a template to avoid std::function overhead, other cleanup" by Leo Li · 4 months ago
  14. cc24828 Revert "[AArch64][clang] Pass cpu/arch information to assembler for AArch64." by Leo Li · 4 months ago
  15. 7a07c6a Revert "[Sema] Make typeof(OverloadedFunctionName) not a pointer." by Leo Li · 4 months ago
  16. 30060bf Call setMustBuildLookupTable on TagDecls in ExternalASTMerger by Lang Hames · 4 months ago
  17. 0c8ec43 [Driver] Do a PATH lookup if needed when using -no-canonical-prefixes by Petr Hosek · 4 months ago
  18. 308da19 [index] Fix typo: inferface -> interface by Marc-Andre Laperle · 4 months ago
  19. 556bf22 Killing a tab and some other spurious whitespace; NFC. by Aaron Ballman · 4 months ago
  20. fb40328 [PR33394] Avoid lexing editor placeholders when Clang is used only by Alex Lorenz · 4 months ago