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  1. 58be600 Removing -mx32 from the multilib list fixees most multilib problems. by Caroline Tice · 7 years ago busytown-mac1008-release busytown-mac1010-release main master ndk-r15-release ndk-release-r16 ndk-release-r17 ndk-release-r18 ndk-release-r19 ndk-release-r20 ndk-release-r21 ndk-release-r22 ndk-release-r23 ndk-r15-beta1 ndk-r15-beta2 ndk-r16 ndk-r16-beta1 ndk-r16-beta2 ndk-r17 ndk-r17-beta1 ndk-r17-beta2 ndk-r17b ndk-r18-beta1 ndk-r18-beta2 ndk-r18b ndk-r19 ndk-r19-beta1 ndk-r19-beta2 ndk-r19b ndk-r19c ndk-r20 ndk-r20-beta1 ndk-r20-beta2 ndk-r20-beta3 ndk-r20b ndk-r21 ndk-r21-beta1 ndk-r21-beta2 ndk-r21-rc1 ndk-r21b ndk-r21c ndk-r21d ndk-r21e ndk-r22 ndk-r22-beta1 ndk-r23-beta1 ndk-r23-beta2 ndk-r23-beta3 ndk-r23-beta4 ndk-r23-beta5 ndk-r23-beta6
  2. f280657 Add githash to binutils version string. by Han Shen · 8 years ago ndk-r11-release ndk-r12-release ndk-r13-release ndk-r14-release ndk-r11 ndk-r11b ndk-r11c ndk-r12-beta1 ndk-r12-beta2 ndk-r12b ndk-r13 ndk-r13-beta1 ndk-r13-beta2 ndk-r14 ndk-r14-beta1 ndk-r14-beta2
  3. fad9590 Prefer static libraries for Windows GCC. by Dan Albert · 8 years ago
  4. 5f349ca Fix selected issues with non-4.9 gcc builds by Than McIntosh · 8 years ago
  5. 79b5701 Revert "Remove references to expat from toolchain/build/configure." by Elliott Hughes · 9 years ago
  6. 27e43a6 Remove references to expat from toolchain/build/configure. by Elliott Hughes · 9 years ago
  7. f8db3f1 Static link by mingw to avoid dependencies on libwinpthread-1.dll by Andrew Hsieh · 9 years ago
  8. 75542e7 Fix binutils-2.24 detection by Andrew Hsieh · 10 years ago
  9. 37a13a9 Avoid host toolchain copy to target toolchain dir in canadian build by Pavel Chupin · 10 years ago
  10. ccf7c39 Propagate -j in make calls for better parallelization by Pavel Chupin · 10 years ago
  11. 0a5059a Remove libbfd.a build for host by Pavel Chupin · 10 years ago
  12. 7eae5e6 Switch x86/x86-64 -mtune from "atom" to more generic "intel" by Pavel Chupin · 10 years ago
  13. 2f00bce Change the triplet to aarch64-linux-android for aarch64-gcc. by Ben Cheng · 10 years ago
  14. 7fea44a Replace -march=atom with -march=x86-64 for better host compatibility by Pavel Chupin · 11 years ago
  15. 930cbea Add x86_64 target configure defaults by Pavel Chupin · 11 years ago
  16. 97721c6 Don't build GDB in canadian build->target by Andrew Hsieh · 11 years ago
  17. 3fdfa3f Python GDB intergration work for the build system. by Ray Donnelly · 11 years ago
  18. 0bb27f1 Fix for GCC 4.8 with graphite by Andrew Hsieh · 11 years ago
  19. 8509652 Add aarch64 by Andrew Hsieh · 11 years ago
  20. 33c45e1 Fix GCC 4.8 mingw build by Andrew Hsieh · 11 years ago