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* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to f2551d9d74153bd2ff63b9fdc5d852d84f3c392c
  - Merge "Do not invalidate if state has not changed." into androidx-master-dev
  - Do not invalidate if state has not changed.
    The watch face is notified every time the battery status changes. However, in
    most cases, this does not affect the watch face state, as we are only store
    whether the battery is low and not charging. If a broadcast is delivered but
    the state has not changed, we can simply ignore the update and not schedule a
    Bug: 175707598
    Test: manually sending broadcast + ./gradlew :wear:wear-watchface:test
    Change-Id: Icbcb8e261099004ba7ee69e061bc463e9f355496
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