Update git submodules

* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to b6d4a975ee8d52a83d19712cd452c6df66754428
  - Merge "ProgressIndicator polishing" into androidx-master-dev
  - ProgressIndicator polishing
    - Adds backgroundColor parameter for LinearProgressIndicators
    - Adds ProgressIndicatorConstants.DefaultProgressAnimationSpec as the default AnimationSpec that can be used when animating progress
    - Removes inner padding from CircularProgressIndicator
    - Coerces values outside the range 0f..1f into this range, instead of crashing at runtime
    Bug: b/161809914
    Bug: b/161804677
    Bug: b/144797733
    Test: ProgressIndicatorTest
    Relnote: "Added backgroundColor parameter to LinearProgressIndicator and removed internal padding from CircularProgressIndicator. Added new ProgressIndicatorConstants.DefaultProgressAnimationSpec which can be used as the default AnimationSpec when animating progress between values"
    Change-Id: If38b5dd58d052b75c1974031e0974f22808d9776
1 file changed