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* Update frameworks/support from branch 'androidx-master-dev'
  to c26da0d7963a2e16a725a28950e951c2e9ae71cc
  - Merge "Limit number of camera reopen attempts" into androidx-master-dev
  - Limit number of camera reopen attempts
    Currently, CameraX attempts to recover from certain errors that occur while opening the camera by scheduling camera reopens. This CL makes it so that CameraX attempts to reopen the camera until it succeeds, or until it's tried for 10 seconds, after which it fails silently.
    Bug: 173710127
    Test: Camera2CameraImplCameraReopenTest.java
    Change-Id: I435d2dc2cc69a830599da2e2c8bf39e6eb3caefb
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